Tools For The World Is Starting To Take Off

Noses cheered and tastebuds tickled as people approached KMS Tools last weekend. The scent of smokies and onions could be detected from across the lot, coming from ‘neath a canopy by the entrance to the store. What could be better than a FREE smokie and pop while you shop?

This is nothing unusual for a 3 day sale at KMS, but what’s unique about this event, is the opportunity to unload your used tools! KMS staff was busy cooking up a storm Thursday through Saturday in the name of the Tools for the World program. Though free smokies only happen 3 days each month, you can get rid of your old tools anytime at KMS! Tools For The World is an ongoing program that gets tools into the hands of people who need them most around the world. Often tools are needed to rebuild after a natural disaster, and other times, they help create jobs for entire communities! It’s the old “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish (or give him a fishing rod), and he’ll eat for a lifetime” principle.

On Friday, 13 pallets of tools that had been collected through November and December were sent off to Compassionate Resource Warehouse, who will distribute them around the world. An additional 2 pallets worth of hand tools, power tools, and equipment were collected over the weekend, and many more continue to come in. The $1992.29 that came in, in cash donations will help the tools get to where they are needed most.

A volunteer from The Teamsters Truck Museum was one of the many to come by KMS on the weekend, and was thrilled to learn about the Tools for the World program. He had been sorting through some of the items they had, and while trying to figure out what to do with the misfits, a friend brought him the article from December 14th’s Tri-City News paper, which explained the Tools for the World program. He was also happy to learn that if any really unique old tools were brought in, KMS would donate something of equal value to the cause, and in exchange, put the unique item on display.

A woman that came by was extremely pleased to hear about the cause. Her job is to help people disperse their belongings when they transition into care homes, and often they have a hard time finding a good home for their tools. Tools For The World is just the program they need. A program that provides the resources to build, restore, employ, and give hope to people in need around the world.

Thank you to everyone who helped, is helping, and will help this program be successful!

Merry Christmas!

One thought on “Tools For The World Is Starting To Take Off

  1. Hi KMS;
    I bought a DVR XP lathe from you two years ago and it is WONDERFUL…
    My question is about a thread cutting wheel. 3/4″ diameter with a 3/8″shaft and a 60degree double sharpened edge. Used to cut threads on wood turned items.
    I cannot find it in your Web listings. Do you carry this? Cost? and Shipping cost to Hanover, Ontario N4N 3R3
    Peter Fabricius


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