Safety Glasses: Find the Right Pair

Whether you’re operating machinery, working with wood or turning wrenches, safety glasses and safety goggles can shield your eyes from harmful debris, impacts and UV rays. KMS Tools has protective eyewear—from clear lenses to sleek safety sunglasses—for almost any job, inside or out.

Shop safety glasses and find over 80 different CSA-approved styles from top brands including 3M, Dentec, Edge, North, Radians, UVEX and more. Or keep reading to learn more about selecting the best protective eyewear for your job.

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Oscillating Tools: Why You Need One

What’s an Oscillating Tool?

Basically, an oscillating tool is the jackknife of power tools. Oscillating tools can handle a ton of tasks—cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding, sawing—and deliver clean results in tight quarters. Oscillating tools are popular with carpenters, contractors, tradespeople, flooring and cabinet installers, and serious hobbyists. Regardless of the job, professionals love these tools.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Compressor

Whether you’re a contractor, heavy-duty mechanic, automotive technician, or serious hobbyist, you need an air compressor that can keep up. Check out this jam-packed compressor buying guide and learn more about what to look for in your next air compressor. Keep reading to learn about the following:

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Diamond Blades – Blade guide 101

Anyone who has done any tiling understands that the saw is just one piece of the puzzle.  Certainly, with a saw moving at three to ten thousand rpms, putting a thin kerf blade might cut just about anything, but the quality of cut, longevity of the blade, and effect on the saw might encourage any wet saw user to have the proper blade for the task at hand.  Considering the cost of blades, it is important to know what to look for when it comes to a diamond blade.

But why is there such a huge selection of different diamond blades out there, even within one brand?  How does a person understand and differentiate between the hundreds of unique qualities and styles?

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KMS Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

KMS Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Remember the commercial about the guy suspended from a steel girder by his hard hat held on only by Super Glue? Or was it Krazy Glue®? There was another with a car that was hung from a junkyard crane secured only by this fabulous new adhesive? As with many things, cyanoacrylates were discovered accidentally. The year was 1942 and Dr Harry Coover and Fred Joyner of Kodak Laboratories were doing research to develop a transparent plastic suitable for gun sights. Those experiments failed but a new product that could quickly bond together many different materials with great strength. Kodak continued to develop this new adhesive into a product which became known as Eastman 910.

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Oscillating Tool Blades

More than any other, the Swiss Army Knife of power tools has to be the Multi-tool. The key to this comparison being the variety of different attachments for the diverse applications it can perform. These unique and versatile tools are available from most of the major power tool manufacturers and at a number of price points.

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Removing Broken & Seized Fasteners

It never fails! Just when you think you’ve got the whole disassembly thing under control you either twist off a nut, break or round off a screw, or strip out the threads entirely. This can often be a frustrating time-waster with no quick fix available. More often than not, removing the broken piece and/or repairing the broken threads can take longer than all the disassembly work you’ve done to that point. There are however, a few tips, tricks and tools that might make the job easier.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers have come a long way. Over the last ten years the quality has increased as prices have become more affordable. The cleaning ability of a pressure washer is great, removing dirt, grime, and algae quickly, efficiently and effectively. A pressure washer can greatly increase your ability to maintain and clean your property and equipment giving it greater value. If your time is valuable, a pressure washer could be a good investment, but if you get the wrong machine, you will be frustrated and you could waste a lot of time and money.

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