WoodOwl Auger Bits

For those of you who have not heard of WoodOwl and need to use auger bits on a regular basis, these bits are going to make your life a whole lot easier. Although it might not be a household name, WoodOwl has designed one of the best nail chipper ship auger bits on the market and is highly regarded by those in the industry. WoodOwl is a Japanese company, with their drill bits fully produced by their own factory in Miki City, Japan with Japan-made high-carbon steel (S55C). This means that their bits are lighter in weight than standard auger bits, creating less fatigue. The precision circularity along the length of the bit keeps it in line without forcing the operator to compensate. The Japan-Made Carbon Steel used is some of the most durable on the planet, and mixed with precise heat treatment and induction hardening, the bit provides exceptional strength and gives a magnificent cut.

The ship auger bits create clean cutouts, even with nail-embedded wood. The nail chipper cuts the nail instead of pushing it through, creating less of a mess. This reduces the nails to pieces the size of wood chips.  Other bits need to push into the lumber to make holes, where WoodOwl bits do not need to push: just fix the angle you are drilling at 90 degrees and the burr-free lead screw will surely pilot smoothly to the lumber. This is a safer bit to use due to its durability and aggressive nail fighting.  The three ground edges make for easy and quick cutting.  With the edges made from Carbon Steel, the bit can move more quickly through the material, leaving a cleaner, better cut without any walking or tearing. Performance is much different than other bits that use only one cutting edge.  Although the one cutting edge might be good in some instances where the material is very clean wood, the three edges on the WoodOwl offers optimal nail cutting performance, while leave a very clean whole.

Tri-Cut Ship Augers are literally unlike any other auger because they have a patent-pending design.  Try this bit today if you need a strong, fast auger bit that lasts.