DeWALT Professional Reference Series Books

DeWALT has a new Professional Reference Series of books for the trades-person.  The books themselves are, of course, durable, which one might expect in a book by DeWALT.  On top of that, they are compact enough to fit in your toolbox and bring to a job site, and detailed enough to actually be worth keeping with you on the job site.

Even if a person knew 85% of what he/she needs to do every day, it is still good to have a reference book for easy access.  Yes, it might be a pain to have to look up, for example, a specific wiring diagram, but it is better than doing something wrong.  DeWALT knows this; however, they also know that you cannot lug your entire textbook collection around with you.  Plus, anyone who has looked at a traditional reference series knows they can be bogged down with so much detail that it makes it difficult to find the right answers.  The DeWALT series makes simple a quick guide – with full color diagrams – to show any trades-person how to do a job right.  This series was built for the professional.

There are three different categories of books: the Trade Reference Series, the Code Reference Series, and the Exam and Certification Series (which is more geared towards the US market, though still can be useful).  The make and shape of the books don’t look the same among the series.  For example, the Code Reference books have a flat metal binding and are 5” x 8”, while in the Trade Reference series, the books have a traditional binding and are 4” x 6” with pages that are laminated in order to be flexible and yet still water and oil resistant.  All series come with full color diagrams to find and navigate references clearly and easily.  The entire series is made with the end user in mind and can be extremely helpful for anyone in a bind.

Here is a list of the books DeWALT has published so far:

Trade Reference Series

  • Blueprint Reading Professional Reference
  • Electrical Professional Reference – 2008 Code
  • Construction Professional Reference
  • Construction Estimating Professional Reference
  • Electrical Estimating Professional Reference
  • Construction Safety/OSHA Professional Reference
  • Electrical Motor Professional Reference
  • Datacom Professional Reference
  • HVAC Professional Reference
  • HVAC/R Professional Reference – Master Edition
  • Residential Remodeling & Repair Professional Reference
  • HVAC Estimating Professional Reference
  • Security, Sound & Video Professional Reference
  • Lighting & Maintenance Professional Reference
  • Spanish/English Construction Dictionary – Illustrated Edition
  • Plumbing Professional Reference
  • Wiring Diagrams Professional Reference
  • Plumbing Estimating Professional Reference


  • Building Code Reference
  • Electrical Code Reference
  • HVAC/R Code Reference
  • Plumbing Code Reference

Exam and Certification Series

  • Electrical Licensing Exam Guide – 2nd Edition
  • HVAC Technician Certification Exam Guide –2nd Edition
  • Plumbing Licensing Exam Guide – 2nd Edition
  • Building Contractors Licensing Exam Guide – 2nd Edition