Tools for the World update – May 2012

A letter we received after sending a truck load of donated tools with Mike and Jay from New Generation Ministries in April.

“Thanks again so very much for your generous heart to go to the nations with the gift that God has given you. This is a big thing that you and your company is doing for missions like ours.  An old pile of tools that are just in a bucket in the corner of a cluttered garage seems like nothing to us, but is actually valuable income potential to a man in the third world trying to feed his family.  Tools can be very costly essentials to a missionary trying to help a small community or orphanage.  The tools given to us today were far from an old pile of tools in a bucket.  This was a great and valuable gift of badly needed tools for both building projects and equipping craftsmen still working with tools from the stone ages.  This is the kind of generosity that separates people and companies who are just busy from those who are busy making a real difference.

Thank you again for your contribution to the work we are doing in Haiti.”

– Mike at New Generation Ministries

New Generation Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit charitable organization that exists to “come along side” the people of Haiti to help them help the poor, the hurting, the needy and the orphans.

4 thoughts on “Tools for the World update – May 2012

  1. planning on cleaning out garage. Would like to donate old tools, axes, shovels etc.. I live in Kamloops & I am interested in the next drop off days. Please send me the dates. Thankyou


    1. Kathy,

      Our Kamloops store is setup to receive donations at any time. You might want to give them a quick phone call (250-374-7300) first but I can’t see any reason why they’d not be able to receive what you have.

      Thanks so much,

      KMS Tools Web Team


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