Customer Project: Ponderosa Pine and Walnut Table

My name is Thomas Little. I am a self taught wood worker. It all started with the purchase of a CNC machine from KMS tools in December 2011. I quickly progressed to making toys and purchasing more equipment. I now produce everything from rings, to wood earrings, jewellery boxes, toys, chests, tables, and countless other items. I do not take much time off, often working 10-14 hours a day is common. This Project started with an abundance of 1in x 4in’s and a need to clear out some work space as my shop is only the size of a single car garage, with just about every tool a woodworker would need, and lots of lumber. I designed it as I built.

Ponderosa Pine And Walnut TableThe top came from a neighbour who dropped off some 1in x 12in x 8ft rough sawed boards. Thats when the ideas and design started to really come together.  The legs were a simple mortise and tenon when I just glued three 1in x 4in’s with a space for the tenon, then pegged. The top and bottom shelves are dadoed just slightly. The walnut caps on top are there to hide the screws. I created them on my CNC machine with a lip so that I would have a space for the turquoise stone inlay. The wonderful and knowledgeable staff at KMS Tools in Red Deer have been a great help, and never steered me wrong. Gord from the woodworking department has been a huge help with any questions I have had.

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