Welding Gas at KMS Tools

Why lease welding gas cylinders? Own your own and have them filled at KMS Tools and Equipment.

We have a great selection of welding gas available at all locations!

  • Oxygen (O₂), acetylene (C₂H₂), argon (Ar) and argon/carbon dioxide (Ar / CO₂) are available at all locations
  • Tri-Mix (Ar / O₂ / CO₂) is available at Coquitlam, Abbotsford and Red Deer
  • Carbon dioxide (CO₂) and nitrogen (N₂) are available at Coquitlam

Renting or leasing a cylinder can be expense. So stop by your nearest KMS Tools location, bring your own cylinder or buy a new one, and we will fill it for you while you wait or shop.

Types of Welding Gas We Sell

Acetylene, when used with oxygen, is suitable for welding and cutting steel and other metals.

Argon is often used for MIG welding aluminum. It’s also used for TIG welding.

Argon/carbon dioxide blends are frequently used as shielding gas when MIG welding mild steel.

Carbon dioxide can be used as shielding gas when MIG welding carbon steel. KMS in Coquitlam fills 5 and 10 lb cylinders, ideal sizes for beer carbonation and freshwater aquarium systems.

Nitrogen is commonly used to clean refrigeration systems. It’s also an option for tire inflation. Nitrogen is less susceptible to temperature variations than compressed air. Plus it reduces heat and therefore reduces rolling resistance, which can translate into fuel economy. For plasma cutters, nitrogen can replace compressed air.

Oxygen, when used with acetylene and other fuel gases, is ideal for welding and cutting steel and other metals.

TRI-MIX (Ar / O₂ / CO₂)
Tri-mix applications include short arc, spray and pulsed spray arc welding of stainless steel and MIG welding mild steel.

Shop our Welding Department to find prices on new cylinders and welding gas refills.

Post updated January 31, 2023.

24 thoughts on “Welding Gas at KMS Tools

  1. I do a little aluminum welding and would like to have some Argon available. What would it cost me for a small bottle of Argon?


    1. Hi Doug, Thanks for dropping a line! During March, 20 cu-ft cylinders are on sale for $129.95. Regular price is $149.99. An argon fill is an extra $27.60. I hope that helps!


      1. Thank you very much. I am currently renting gas (except argon), but I am going to see what would work out better for all my gas

        Doug Brown


  2. What is the the price of pure Argon per cu ft? I have an 80 cu ft argon tank for tig welding, how much would it cost to get a refill?


    1. Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for asking! An 80 cu-ft argon fill will set you back $47.30 plus tax.


    1. Hi Derek, Thanks for asking! Oxygen cylinders require retesting every ten years. As long as they pass the test, they are serviceable. For acetylene cylinders, all suppliers in BC and most in Alberta run exchange programs, so you don’t have to worry about retesting your acetylene tank.


  3. I’ve aquired a set of oxygen and acetylene bottles. Can I simply bring them in and get them filled? Or do I need a contract? And how would I tell how old they are?


  4. Do the tanks have to be purchased by you or can I bring in tanks from air liquids and get them filled or exchanged if they need it?


    1. Hi John,

      KMS Tools fills any argon, argon/CO2, or oxygen tank with current Canadian certification. For acetylene tanks, KMS runs an exchange program. You bring in your empty cylinder and KMS exchanges it for a filled one. You can find prices here.


  5. If I only have a 20cf Argon tank, but I need 75%Argon/25%CO2, do you have exchange or I have to buy a brand new tank? Thanks.


    1. Hi Jason,

      Providing your tank has current certification, we can fill it with Ar/CO2. Thanks!


    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your question. KMS Tools in Kamloops does not certify oxygen tanks. Instead, check with your local fire extinguisher shop. They should offer this service.


  6. I have a 55 ft3 bottle that needs testing (last done in 06). What do you charge to do this test?
    Besides PST and GST, are there any other enviro fees when I get my bottle filled?


    1. Hi Bruce,
      Thanks for commenting. KMS doesn’t re-certify cylinders. We suggest contacting your local fire extinguisher supplier. As for welding gas fills, KMS charges only PST and GST in addition to the fill price.


    1. Hi George,

      Thank you for your question. KMS Tools doesn’t re-certify cylinders. Your local fire extinguisher shop, however, should be able to inspect and re-valve your O2 tank. I hope that helps!


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