Rite in the Rain Notebooks

Autumn is on its way and so is the soggy weather. Rite in the Rain notebooks feature weather-proof paper with a special coating that can handle the wettest, muddiest, greasiest, grimiest and oiliest jobsites. These notebooks are near indestructible and completely recyclable.

Rite in the Rain Notebooks

(RIR-135 – $4.79 / RIR-146 – $6.95 / RIR-373 – $8.95 / RIR-371FX – $15.95)

We currently stock the following Rite in the Rain notebooks:

Each features a universal pattern that is ideal for taking notes or sketching out diagrams and schematics.

For best results, use a pencil or an all-weather pen.

*sale prices in effect from September 1–30, 2016

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