Magnum 20-Piece Garage Storage System with Workbench

Give your tools the stylish new home they deserve. Upgrade your garage or workshop with the Magnum 20-Piece Garage Storage System with Workbench.


Constructed of high-quality 18-gauge steel, this versatile system measures 13′ long x 6-1/2′ high x 18″ deep and provides storage for all your tools and equipment, as well as your work and safety gear. Plus it has a sturdy wooden bench top—with over 9′ of usable counter space—the perfect place to put your tools to work.

bynford garage storage system-drawers
The Bynford Garage Storage System features 13 drawers—each with ball bearing slides, soft liners and locks.

Other features include ball-bearing slide drawers, soft drawer liners, drawer and cabinet locks and a durable hammertone finish.

The 20-piece system includes the following components, all of which are available individually:

Your tools help you do your job faster and better, so why not reward them with the ultimate garage storage and workbench system from Magnum—available in store or online.

  • bynford garage storage system-drawers
  • bynford garage storage system-workbench
  • bynford garage storage system-cabinets
  • bynford garage storage system-vertical cabinet

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      Thank you for reading and commenting. KMS ships to addresses in Canada and the Continental USA only.


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