Dannmar Car Lifts Now Available at KMS Tools

Three models of Dannmar lifts are now in stock at our warehouse. Whether you are a professional mechanic, super serious hobbyist, or an auto collecting aficionado, a new Dannmar lift can add extra space to your garage for storage or allow you to work comfortably underneath a vehicle. Check them out online or contact your nearest KMS location for more details.

dannmar car lifts

D-10/ACX Two Post Asymmetric Wide Lift (10,000 pound capacity)

With drive-through clearance and wide capacity, the D-10/ACX is one of Dannmar’s most versatile car lifts. It’s also a best-seller.

Because the posts are rotated 30 degrees and widely spaced, you can open car doors without dinging them. In addition, you can angle the D-10/ACX in narrow repair bays to accommodate other lifts. Notable features include

  • strong, single-piece columns with oversized base plates,
  • heavy-duty equalizer cables,
  • Dura-Glide polyethylene load bearings,
  • dual hydraulic cylinder and
  • 2-to1 lifting speed.

Ultimately, the D-10/ACX provides dependable long-term service in professional shops.

dannmar car lifts

D-7 Four Post Lift (7,000 pound capacity)

Stack two cars in one spot with the rugged and dependable D-7 four post lift. It features a reliable electric/hydraulic power system, single safety lock release handle, self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene internal slide blocks and a free-standing design.

D-7/X Four Post Lift (7,000 pound capacity)

A longer, wider and taller version of the D-7, the D-7/X is perfect for adding extra space to your cramped garage. This easy-to-operate lift has the same features as the D-7—a single point safety handle, reliable hydraulic pump assembly, self-lubricating polyethylene slide blocks—plus the flexibility of added length, width and height.

If you are a professional automotive technician or a real car guy who likes getting his hands dirty, a Dannmar four post lift will upgrade the capacity of your shop and allow you to perform undercar service with comfort, efficiency and style.

Accessories for Dannmar Car Lifts

We also have a selection of accessories for Dannmar car lifts available in our warehouse or through special order.

  • Dannmar car lifts oil drip pans
  • Dannmar car lifts caster set
  • Dannmar car lifts jack platform
  • Dannmar car lifts aluminum ramps
  • Dannmar car lifts centre deck
  • Dannmar car lifts motorcycle vise
  • Dannmar car lifts rolling bridge jack

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