Guttermaster Brushes – Made in Canada

With Guttermaster products, you can safely clean the exterior of your home without having to climb a ladder. And Guttermaster manufactures its brushes right here in Canada.

Flow-Through Brushes

Guttermaster brushes are designed to make cleaning the outside of your house quicker, easier and safer. These flow-through brushes thread onto the company’s telescoping wands, allowing you to clean second floor siding and windows—as high as 20′  

At KMS Tools, you can find two lines of Canadian-made Guttermaster flow-through brushes: Blue and Grey.

Blue brushes are softer than Grey, ideal for cleaning RVs, larger vehicles, wheels, and also siding and windows. They resist acid and feature medium-soft flagged styrene bristles.

To tackle tougher jobs like scrubbing sidewalks and decks, look for Grey brushes. They have medium-stiff flagged polystyrene bristles that excel at removing algae, moss and other debris from concrete and wooden surfaces. In addition, Grey brushes are highly resistant to acid.

Guttermaster Wands

Guttermaster wands are available in both curved and straight. Either version connects to your garden hose and extends up to 12′. So when you use the length of your body, you can reach up to 20′. That’s high enough to clean the top floor gutters on most two-storey homes.

Built with high-grade aluminum, Guttermaster wands have a high-pressure nozzle that turns water from your garden hose into a powerful gutter-flushing stream.

Made in Canada

A Canadian-owned family business since 1981, KMS Tools aims to deliver the best value guaranteed! This includes selling Canadian-made tools whenever possible. Keep an eye on the KMS Tools flyer to discover new tools and amazing sales, and look for the Made in Canada logo.

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