KMS Tools Cares About the Environment and Our Communities

Why we haven’t yet registered for the recycling plan, and how we work hard every day to have a positive impact on the environment and our communities

Real Solutions

KMS Tools is entirely in favour of recycling.  We too, hope future generations will have a thriving planet to enjoy and take care of.  KMS Tools happily recycles to the standards in each municipality we’re located in.  This, however, is not the issue at hand.  The issue we’re facing now is an additional set of impractical rules being imposed on a small percentage of businesses; and what we are fighting for is a feasible solution that has a positive and tangible impact.  Most of us will agree that there is room for improvement in BC’s recycling program, and that a fair, attainable plan is needed to better our planet.  The article you may have read, unfortunately misrepresents what actually happened and what was said.  In a nutshell, KMS Tools owner, Stan Pridham, has asked many times how he can comply with the regulations that only 0.25% of BC businesses have found a way to adhere to, but the ministry has not provided these solutions as of yet.  We are still very much in dialogue with the ministry and have no problem complying when a real practical solution can be found.

Above and Beyond

Not only does KMS Tools meet and exceed current standard recycling requirements, we go above and beyond to keep old tools out of the landfills.  In 2009, Stan Pridham started the charity program, Tools for the World, which has repurposed hundreds of thousands of tools, saving them from being discarded.  The tools are then put to good use overseas, and occasionally within Canada, when disaster strikes.  These donated tools have gone to 50 countries and counting, in nearly every continent.  They help rebuild communities after natural or man-made disasters, or are used to train young men and women in a trade who are phasing out of an orphanage, or learning to get on their feet.  They build much needed infrastructure in developing countries, and provide a means for people to support their families.  The program works by collecting unneeded tools in our communities, which are sorted and repaired by local volunteers.  In the sorting and repairing process, any tools or parts that are not worth sending overseas are recycled locally.  The tools that go to a new home offer much needed new hope to their recipients.  After all, the second “R” of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, is better than the third!  (Read more about the Tools for the World program here) 

Thank You

We want to thank the many customers who have reached out during this time to support us.  KMS Tools cannot exist without great customers like you.  We also want to thank our great staff who have been fielding many questions on this topic.  Finally, we would absolutely love to see an innovative and practical recycling program come to fruition in BC and across Canada.  We hope that with your support, and our dialogue with the ministry, we can accomplish this, so we can experience the flourishing environment and communities we all long for.

For further information, please see additional blog post:

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