KMS Tools and the Environment

Here are some of the ways KMS Tools reduces waste:
Reduce, Re-use & Recycle

  • With our Tools for the World program, we go the extra several miles to keep old tools out of the landfills by giving them a new life overseas in developing countries, or when disaster strikes locally or abroad.  (Read more about the Tools for the World program here)
  • Our service shop repairs tools every day that would otherwise be tossed.
  • As part of our 5 Star Advantage Plan*, we offer a convenient trade-in value for used tools or machines.  The plan also provides an extra year warranty on a huge selection of tools and machines.  Both of these plans prolong the life of the tools, reducing waste.
  • Our distribution warehouses reuse shipping boxes and all the pallets that we can, repairing them as required to prolong their lifespans.  Several months ago Recycle BC canceled their pallet recycling program in the Lower Mainland.
  • We reuse and repurpose all kinds of display units, shelving, furnishings, and more, sometimes at the cost of a less-polished display.
  • We encourage our customers to subscribe to our e-flyer, and we limit our monthly flyer mail-outs to those who have subscribed, plus a few times a year we distribute them in local newspapers in select areas where our blue collar target market lives and works.
  • With our Custom And Restoration (C.A.R.) Parts division, we are also dedicated to keeping old cars that still have life from being scrapped, supplying the tools and parts to restore them, sometimes with more efficient modern engines.
  • Most KMS Tools locations have been upgraded to use the latest state of the art efficient lighting, heating systems, and the highest standard of AC, to minimize the impact on the planet.
  • Our offices have gone almost completely paper-free.
  • KMS Tools adheres to all city and provincial recycling programs, and goes beyond the norm.

KMS Tools is an industrial supplier of tools and equipment selling primarily to tradespeople and industry.
*Conditions Apply.

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