DeWalt’s New 12V Max Li-Ion Tool System

I had a chance recently to check out DeWalt’s new 12V Max line of Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) tools. DeWalt has been a bit gun shy in the 12V category for whatever reason but the long wait was definitely worth it. So far they have released seven tools and two combo kits. Here are a few attributes that all of the new 12V DeWalt tools share:

  • The tools have more than adequate power for most jobs;
  • They are designed with great grips thanks to their slide-style battery not taking up tons of room inside the handle;
  • They can stand up on their own (also thanks to their slide-style batteries);
  • They come with a handy belt hook which is great for the weight of these tools;
  • Like all things DeWalt, they are yellow which is easy to spot on the job site.

I just can’t speak enough about the grip on these new 12V DeWalt tools. They have, in my opinion, the most comfortable grip in the 12V class. Because DeWalt has chosen a slide-style battery, the tools have a slender handle and aren’t top heavy like all of the other 12V Li-Ion tools in the market. They could possibly have the most comfortable handle design out of any voltage class of tool… and no, I don’t work for DeWalt.

I can talk all day about the power and specs of these drills, but to be honest, it would be totally irrelevant for a drill in this class. All these 12V tools are designed to be in the same specification class as their competitors. I don’t want to blow things out of proportion. These tools in time will hopefully replace an 18V tool for most applications which in the long run, will save you the frustration with heavier and most cumbersome tools and hopefully save you a rotator-cup operation or two. They don’t have the same power as their 18V counterpart, but most of the time, you don’t come anywhere close to needing the full power that an 18V system offers. I would think the ideal setup would be these tools for 90% of the work and a good corded drill for the rest (depending on the trade, of course).

I like where DeWalt is going with their new 12V tools. The 1/4″ hex quick connect on all of their 12V drills and impacts will accept and properly lock in a 1″ bit, just like the new Bosch 12V tools (look for a review on these at a later date). DeWalt’s inspection camera (DCT410S1) is the most innovative inspection camera to date with a removable wireless display, video recording capability and SD memory slot. Their new 12V Infrared Thermometer (DCT414S1) has some pretty great capabilities for guys in the HVAC trade. You can set a temperature tolerance range on the device and then shoot around the room like Wyatt Earp trying to find hot or cold spots while the device beeps away when any temperature falls outside of that range.

Check out this promotional video on the new DeWalt 12V Max line of tools that I grabbed off of DeWalt’s youtube site. And be sure to check out DeWalt’s 12V offerings on the DeWalt 12V Max microsite.

2 thoughts on “DeWalt’s New 12V Max Li-Ion Tool System

  1. Great – but we now have a multiple range of voltages, and propietary battery configurations for cordless power tools. It’s time users demand a universal battery, lets say one for each bettery voltage, so we aren’t faced with continual searches for replacement batteries. This would also help retail stores, as they would have a better chance at stocking the correct battery, rather than forcing everyone onto ebay to get the correct replacement.

    I have a nice Dewalt 14 volts series, just like these ones, hex bit and all – why do we need another slightly different voltage? It’s a marketting racket folks, we need to stop this planned obselesence.


    1. sorry friend but you are inccorect. the different voltages offer different applications for different jobs. The slide style battery that these tools use is just better in every way. the only thing keeping me from buying dewalt tools was the nicd batteries and the cylinder top for no apparent reason, it just took up space and was a poor way to fasten the battery to the tool. furthermore, the tools themselves have high limit settings, and useing an 18v battery in a 12v tool would cause the tool to burn out early and possibly torque out to the point of breaking. The old style batteries are obsolete and the industry and technology is heading this way. What you’re saying is like asking all vehicles to have the exact same car tire size. it’s just simply rediculous, could you imagine a semi truck driving on little fiesta tires? dewalt has made a new 20v lineup to go with the 12v set and they both use the same charger. dewalt has made various tools that can accept multiple battery voltages as well. Every single company on the planet evolves and gets better, or they go out of buisness because a competitor does it. nothing wrong with new innovative technology.


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