Milwaukee Tools One Day Only!! Exclusive!! Event Sale!!

Mark your calendars, grab a friend and head over to KMS Tools Calgary on June 6th for a huge one day only exclusive Milwaukee Event Sale. Great door crashers*, reps on hand, product demos and awesome hot deals to be had…purchase qualifying Milwaukee Tools, Hand Tools, Accessories or Workwear and receive bonus goods*! Check out the Milwaukee event trailer and see any rep to customize your PACKOUT set up with a large selection of PACKOUT items on site!! See you there! June 6th only at KMS Tools Calgary, 6311 Centre Street South.

See below for more Milwaukee Tools events coming to a KMS Tools store near you!

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Milwaukee MX FUEL

What Is MX FUEL?

MX FUEL is a new cordless system from Milwaukee. It’s designed to provide cordless solutions for jobs that, in the past, have required either gas or AC powered tools and equipment.

This system is heavy-duty—meant to complement Milwaukee’s existing M12 and M18 systems.

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New SawStop Jobsite Saw PRO Now Available

Carrying over the same high-quality construction, time-saving features and proprietary safety system that made SawStop’s original portable table saw a success, the company takes a step forward with its new Jobsite Saw PRO: They added more rip capacity, a new high/low fence and standard above-table dust collection.

Jobsite Saw PRO is available at KMS Tools. Shop now or keep reading to learn more.

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Magnum Industrial Polyurethane Dust Collector Hose

Now available at all KMS locations and online at, Magnum Industrial’s new polyurethane dust collector hoses are a simple and effective upgrade for your dust collection system.

Shop Magnum Industrial polyurethane dust collector hose!

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The Kreg Adaptive Cutting System: Track Saw, Folding Project Table, Guides, Stops and More!

Kreg’s Adaptive Cutting System (ACS) features a track saw, folding project table and guides—all in one cohesive system. It’s highly portable, easy to store and capable of delivering repeatable, accurate cuts. It’s also loaded with safety features. This system is ideal for woodworkers who have limited room in their shops or anyone who uses their workspace for other purposes like, say, parking a car.

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Milwaukee QUIK-LOK Delivers Versatility and Clean Performance to Landscape Pros and Homeowners

Now available at KMS Tools locations and online at, Milwaukee QUIK-LOK features four essential landscaping tools—a string trimmer, pole saw, hedge trimmer and edger—that attach to a cordless power head. QUIK LOK offers a solid mix of versatility and performance, making it an intriguing option in the ever-growing world of cordless outdoor power equipment.

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Magnum Industrial AC DC TIG Welder Features Fingertip Torch, More Control

Looking for a new TIG welder? Stop by your nearest KMS Tools location and check out the Magnum Industrial WAVE200KD. This highly portable 200 amp power source delivers excellent performance on a variety of AC and DC TIG welding applications: aluminum, magnesium, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, steel and more.

Shop the new Magnum Industrial WAVE200KD TIG welder today! Or keep reading to learn more about its features.

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Magnum Industrial Benchtop Belt Sander / Grinder Combo

The Magnum Industrial MI-16250 Belt Sander/Grinder Combo unites two tools in one handy benchtop package. Its combination design features a sanding belt and grinding wheel, so you can enjoy the flexibility of working with both wood and metal. It also provides an easy and convenient way to sharpen a variety of tools in your garage and workshop.

Click here for the latest price on the MI-16250 Belt Sander/Grinder Combo

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Magnum Industrial Overhead Air Cleaners

Magnum Industrial now offers three models of in-shop overhead air cleaners. Regardless of the size or demands of your workshop, Magnum Industrial has a solution for airborne dust, making your workspace cleaner and safer.

Buy overhead air cleaners and shop filtration systems

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Arbortech Ball Gouge, Turbo Plane and More!

Arbortech’s innovative, high-quality woodworking tools and accessories are now available at and your nearest KMS Tools location.

Arbortech launched its first product, the Woodcarver Blade, in the mid-1980s. Designed to fit a standard angle grinder, the original Woodcarver Blade could transform an electric grinder into a powerful wood carving tool.

Today Arbortech makes a variety of specialized angle grinder attachments: blades, sanders and carvers, as well as a complete power carver and power chisel—all designed and manufactured in Australia.

Shop the line now or keep reading to learn more about Arbortech’s wood carving grinder attachments and standalone power tools.

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