CTV KMS Spot – Vince Young

Vince Young is with KMS Tools and Equipment opening a brand new store in Edmonton this week.

And what have you brought for us today?

A couple of things, spring is right around the corner, doesn’t look like it but it is so I’ve brought a couple of things to make your life easier renovating outside as well as the inside.

So I think we’ll start outside with the deck.

This is a Kreg deck jig and it’s new on the market and what this allows you to do is traditionally when people would do a 5/8″ deck they would actually have to drill down into the material and what that would do is expose it to the elements and it would look unsightly. This jig comes with the spacers, jig, bits and such. And so what this allows you to do is get your 1/4″ spacing if that’s what you choose to do, align the jig and it’s just as simple as drilling a hole, and then drilling a screw that kind of remains hidden right through the jig. And basically what that does is hides the screw so you have a really beautiful flat surface.

That makes building a deck a whole lot easier. Now you have some stuff right over here. You’re talking about some oscillating tools and how they can help as well.

We are, this is for the inside, nice thing about oscillating tools is they come now in cordless with the advent of 12V lithium technology which a lot of the different suppliers are utilizing now.

What’s the deal with Lithium batteries? Does that last longer and its smaller, is that the idea?

Yep, you can fit 3.5V per battery cell vs. 1.2V on a Ni-Cad. They are a lot lighter and they hold their charge better. They come in electric as well.

The advantage is they can sand, they can cut, they can remove grout, and they can do all sorts of things. So kind of what I’ve done here is I’ve just got a piece of maple laminate flooring and traditionally when you do a laminate flooring when you try and bump it up to your door jams, one of the problems have always been how do you underscore those doorjambs. So typically what these will allow you to do is you get a flat blade and I can just use this as a template and just if there is a doorjamb here, I would be able to cut along and underscore that doorjamb, pull that out and slide that right in.

And one of the other things I’ve brought here is when you’re doing your door trim and finishing, there is different brad nails for different applications. I have a 23 gauge pinner for doing trim work around a mantle place or fireplace hearth. Up into the new Max 18 gauge which will allow you to do your baseboards and some of your door trim, up until your 15 and 16 gauge nailers which do door jambs and casings and that kind of stuff.

So they shoot nails right into it.

Yea, with a compressor absolutely.

There are some cordless nailers as well.

What’s newer about these than older models, what sets them apart?

In North America the 23 gauge and 21 gauge are relatively new where you have very fine pins, and the idea is that when you shoot into your trim pieces, the holes are less exposed; less material to fill into those little holes and that kind of stuff.

OK, well you’re opening a new store that we had mentioned, KMS Tools & Equipment. What’s unique about this store that people may not find at other places.

We focus entirely on tool and tool related accessories. So unlike a home center where you get lumber and plumping fixtures and that kind of stuff, that’s all we do, so we’re experts in that and we have everything from welding through to hand tools, through to the full gamut of safety and woodworking into car parts, custom car parts for old vehicles and everything in between.

And you have cookies too?

We have bench cookies, yea.

Cookies like these, bench cookies which go underneath, correct?

Exactly, for panel work. So this will hold it in place. It grips it so if you’re sanding it doesn’t slide around. It allows me to take a router and let’s say do a trim piece in here without cutting into the cabinet or base underneath it. You’ve actually got the cones which go on the cookies so I can take a panel and I can put that on there and paint.

Among the many other things that you have. KMS Tools & Equipment opens Thursday. It’s at 14520 145th St. & 111th Ave. Vince Young, thanks very much for coming in. Much success with the new store.

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