Tools for the World program makes the news

As a new Edmonton tool supplier opens its doors this weekend, the company is asking for the public to open their hearts and donate tools for the needy.

KMS Tools and Equipment – an all Canadian supplier – is taking the time this Friday and Saturday to celebrate its first location in the capital city.

But among aisles of tools and eager customers, the store has a bigger plan to help the globe through used tools.

“(Tools for Humanitarian Need) is a program near and dear to our owner’s hearts,” said Vince Young, KMS provincial operations manager. “They go to any communities that require rebuilding.

“We want to help improve third world status.”

A large wooden box near the entrance of the store was getting filled with tools throughout the day on Thursday’s grand opening.

Everything from cordless tools, water pumps, electric drills and hammers have been donated and Young hopes the tools continue to pour in.

“We’re hoping to ship containers to communities all over the world,” said Young. “We want to get these tools into the hands of people who can really use them in third world communities.”

KMS is a Canadian owned and family company that has been in business for 25 years.

The store’s grand opening at 145 Street and 111 Avenue was “fantastic,” Young said.

Thanks so much to Jasmine Franklin for this.  Here is a link to the original story