Warm fuzzies and Canuck’s Place Fundraising

What started out as a combination of a joke and a friendly competition turned into what you are seeing here.  On Wednesday afternoon, KMS Tools & Equipment Ltd’s General Manager Ryan Hare stated he did not have a Vancouver Canucks Jersey to wear to work during the Playoff games. Somewhat jokingly the offer of a Canucks ladies pink jersey was given. As a challenge he stated that if $200 was raised, he would wear one for the day and be photographed. The funds raised were to be split 50/50. 50% to the KMS Christmas Party fund and 50% to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. After some internal fundraising and a bunch of laughs, KMS Car Parts manager Richard Pridham upped the ante by saying for $500 raised he would join Ryan. In a thought that this wasn’t possible, he also offered his Dad (Stan Pridham, the owner of KMS Tools & Equipment Ltd.) into the equasion if $1000.00 was raised.

All bets were off.

With some emails, phone calls and talking amongst all of our nine stores, staff members reached into their pockets and purses and pulled out a rabbit.  A $1035.03 one.  Friday morning (Game Day) Ryan and Richard were given their Jerseys upon arrival and dressed for the day. Stan snuck in late afternoon and dressed as promised. KMS Staff gathered in their playoff gear to take this photo to be sent with the donation made to Canuck Place.

Final amount raised totaled: $1035.03

Thanks to all the staff at KMS Tools & Equipment Ltd. for their support towards this great cause.  Go Canucks Go!

For more information or to make a donation to Canuck Place, please visit: