Donate your good used tools for community building around the world

Tools For The WorldKMS Tools is helping to bring relief to Haiti, Cuba, or wherever the greatest need may be. Our goal is to supply tools and equipment to those who have very little, so that they can rebuild their homes, communities, and lives.

Help rebuild lives
Clean out the garage or shed and earn brownie points at home!
Upgrade your tools

Drop off at any KMS store

Thank you for your generosity! Some tools or equipment may not be suitable for sending to developing nations. In the event of receiving these items, KMS Tools will sell them, and forward 100% of the proceeds to the cause. So don’t hesitate to bring the big stuff!

4 thoughts on “Donate your good used tools for community building around the world

  1. Stan and the KMS Team,
    I’m pleased to see this practical effort to help Haiti. I’ve been working on Haiti-based projects for a couple of years and it’s always heartening to know other companies are also; in ways that make sense for them. I especially appreciate your understanding that the kinds of tools that are usual here in Canada, such as power tools, are not necessarily applicable in countries like Haiti. This is for many reasons, not the least of which is limited access to power itself.
    Please keep up the effort.
    P.S. I too encourage KMS customers to clean out their garages, tool-sheds or basements for items that would make helpful work items in Haiti. Even those as simple as coveralls, work boots or gloves (preferably new or new’ish) are needed items there.


  2. I live in Port Colborne Ontario. I have been looking for a place to send my extra and quality hand tools. Reading these articles has given me hope for their use. I refuse to put them in a yard sale or etc. What might my next step be? Whom would I contact? & etc.


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