UPDATE: Renovations To TOOL CORNER Blog

Howdy! If you’re new here, if this is your first visit to the The TOOL CORNER, the official blog for KMS Tools & Equipment, Ltd., Welcome! and thanks for stopping by! If you’re a regular, you’ve perhaps noticed some changes recently.

First there’s the layout. we’re looking at a few different options, so if you see a change from one day to the next, consider that momentarily normal.

The other change you’ll notice is a restructuring of our Categories menu, including the addition of a few new ones. Categories have been reorganized into major topics with sub-categories under each. All the previous blogs and archives are still here and we hope you’ll find them easier than you could before.

For example, specific types of tools have been consolidated under the Category ‘Tool Chest’ in the References and Archives section. This is like a vault of all the tools and equipment information we cover in this blog, including three new Categories: Cool Stuff, New Products and Demos & Reviews.

At the top, as it should be, is About Our Readers, that is, our customers and readers —the one’s who keep us showing up for work each day. Whether you whittle or weld, build show cars or furniture, we’d love to know what you’re up to, see some of your projects, especially if it involves, or better yet shows, you using tools from KMS!

KMS Car Parts Customers Projects is a place where you can show and tell us all about your latest hot rod or restoration project, give us a peek at your current pride and joy, or share with us your build experiences. It doesn’t matter, we want to know!

Man’s ingenuity has gotten him were we are, and just because you don’t have the paper credentials or work for NASA doesn’t mean you can’t solve rocket scientist-type problems. Whether mundane or marvelous, feats of Backyard Engineering are those moments of triumph when you say ‘Damn, I’m good!”, even if there’s no one there to appreciate it. So this is where you can tell the World your problems —and your unique solutions to them. Or maybe, just maybe, you can find a solution to it here.

There will be more Buyer’s Guides coming, so if you’ve got a topic you’d like to know more about, let us know and we’ll include it in the list. Also watch for Shop Reference Materials, many of which will include some useful downloadable materials.

Want some even better prices? From time to time Manufacturer’s offer special Direct-To-Consumer rebates and incentives, over and above those they provide through their retail partners like KMS Tools & Equipment. Whenever any of our vendors offer such bonuses, and they’re applicable to your purchases from KMS Tools, you’ll find them here, in our blog, under Vendor Promotions & Rebates.

Got a comment about the new look and feel? Perhaps you’ve got some other ideas or things you’d like to see here in The Tool Corner, please, don’t be bashful, we’d be happiest providing the content that you find most useful. If you want to participate but you’re not sure how to get your information posted, send us a comment through this post and we’ll get in touch to give you a hand.

Be careful out there.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Renovations To TOOL CORNER Blog

  1. After 20 years in the garage, my Expo 86 Project – a modified 1977 MGB Roadster with Buick V6 and T-5 transmission is going back on the road. Lots of new stuff – engine, carb, suspension, hydraulics all rebuilt…a bit more to go e.g. new wheels coming from UK for new tires here.


    1. Hey Rick,

      We sure would love to grab some pictures of this and a little write up when it’s complete so we can throw it up on our readers rides section. Let me know if you’re interested.



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