Stand Up & Drive – Simpson Quik-Drive Auto-Feed Screw System

We’re happy to announce the recent addition of Simpson Strong-Tie products to the KMS fold. Simpson Strong-Tie is the premier manufacturer of construction fasteners from mechanical and chemical concrete to wood hangers and structural systems. One of the newest products is a cool new variation on the screwgun. It’s called the Quik-Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving System.

Everyone knows that screwing things together provides a stronger, tighter fastening with more permanency and less likelihood of failure than using nails. The Quik-Drive® Auto-Feed System brings a whole new level of productivity and practicality to using screws in your construction projects and on the jobsite.

Cost-Effective, Labour Saving
Collated screw fastening tools are fast replacing conventional nail guns for their speed, reliability and superior holding power. The Quik-Drive® System features fast-loading screw strips, precision countersink adjustments and a patented auto-advance mechanism to eliminate jamming. Operator comfort and tool balance reduce fatigue and strain resulting in more screws being driven and greater productivity.

How Does It Work?
At the Heart of each Quik-Drive® System is your choice of screwdriver motors which includes DeWalt, Hitachi, and  Makita —there’s even a cordless version, depending on the Quik-Drive® Attachment Head you want up front. There are also adapters available for all the most popular brands of screwgun motors so you can use the system with your existing tools.

Next, and the key to it all, are a variety of Attachment Heads, each designed for particular applications. Simpson has also pre-configured a number of actual kits or Systems. The Quik-Drive® PROSSD Combo System, for example, includes two attachment heads which cover a wide range of construction applications, from drywall to decking to fibre board installation.

Stand Up And Drive
One of the greatest gains in productivity and savings is being able to install screws from a comfortable, more ergonomic position. Using the Quik-Drive® Extension allows you to reach the floor, or the ceiling, while standing up. Remove the extension for closer work.

Full Line Of Fasteners
From drywall screws to ply-metal self-drill screws, Robertson, Phillips or Hex Washer Head drives, Simpson makes collated screws for just about any application, so you’re not stuck with a single purpose tool.

The Quik-Drive® PROSDD System
The QDPRO200G2 is primarily for drywall to wood or steel applications and features a smooth, non-marring nose piece, precise, self-locking depth adjustment for consistent dimples and a slim profile design for reaching into the corners. It drives several types of DW series collated screws from 1 1/4” through 2”.

The other Attachment Head, the QDPRO300G2, is designed for use in attaching subflooring to wood or steel, wall plates, stair treads, sheathing, decks and dock and fibre cement siding to steel. It features a sure-grip guide tube for increased stability for the broad range of 1 1/2” to 3” screws it’s capable of driving. Expanded depth settings ensure penetration of high-density flooring materials and a reversible and replaceable nosepiece with non-skid teeth to provide uniform toenailing and countersinking on slick surfaces.

Rounding out the Quik-Drive® PROSDD Combo Kit is a belt quiver for keeping screw belts at your fingertips, a sturdy plastic tool case and an invaluable extension attachment for stand up floor-level driving and reaching those higher ceilings.

Other Quik-Drive® Systems
Simpson Strong-Tie makes a number of different kit/systems designed for specific applications, ask your KMS rep or check out Simpson’s website for more information.

Here’s a video showing just what the Quik-Drive® Auto-Feed System can do.

Simpson provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the attachment Heads and extension and a 1 Year (manufacturer’s) Warranty on the screwdriver motor.