Resharpen Dull, Broken Drill Bits In Under A Minute

Tools are an investment, to be sure, but so is the tooling that you need to operate it. Probably the most common type of tooling there is is the lowly twist drill used by just about very type of trade there is. We break them, we ask them to perform in extreme situations and we continue to use them even though they are screaming out and pushing back in their effort to indicate they’re just not working for us anymore!

Now there’s an economical tool for recycling and resharpening those old drill bits. The DAREX Drill Doctor™ comes in three models with the largest one being capable of sharpening conventional and split point, two flute drill bits in fractional, letter, number and even metric sizes up to 3/4″. All models use a diamond dressing wheel which sharpens HSS (High Speed Steel), Cobalt, TiN coated and even carbide tipped masonry bits!

The three model product range includes the 360X, a compact sharpener that’s ideal for the home workshop, weekend craftsman or hobbyist. Simple, stable and accurate, don’t be fooled by it’s entry level position, it still does standard 118° HSS and carbide tip masonry bits up to 1/2″ diameter.

The Model 500X Shop Model is designed for durability and flexibility and features a one piece alignment system for improved precision and adjustability, a cast aluminum point angle shuttle for added durability and longer jaws with jaw guides to hold the bits more precisely and eliminate twisting on small size bits.

For the serious drill bit user, the Drill Doctor™ 500X sharpens both 118° and 135° —including split points, in High Speed Steel, Cobalt and TiN-coated twist drills and carbide masonry bits up to 1/2″ out of the box and up to 3/4″, with the optional 3/4″ chuck accessory. There is also an accessory that permits the sharpening of left-hand drill bits.

Building on the 500X, the Model 750X Professional Shop Model has an even more robust and versatile design with a larger, 3/4″ capacity, metal sharpening tube and  Custom, 115° ~ 140° point angle.  A ‘PUSH-TO-STOP feature on the splitting port will not allow you to over split the drill point and a user-adjustable material removal can further extend the number or resharpenings —into the hundreds of times!All units feature user-replaceable diamond sharpening wheel, a permanent magnet motor for consistent power, regardless of speed or load and are backed by Drill Doctor’s outstanding customer service.

Here’s a comprehensive video showing you how the Drill Doctor™ works.

Keep one of these in the tool crib and you’ve got a great make-work project for those slow days —and it saves you money not having to buy more bits.

All Drill Doctor™ units sharpen drill bits almost as easy as sharpening pencils, in less than 6o seconds! Set-up is quick and easy, simply place a drill bit into the chuck, set the depth, turn the unit on, insert the chuck into the sharpening tube until it seats. Turn the bit clockwise 1/2 turn at a time applying light even pressure. Always turn an even number of times with larger bits requiring more turns.

For split point bits, move the chucked drill from the sharpening tube once the sharpening has been completed and  into the point splitting tube. Split the point on one flute, then rotate the chuck 180° and reinsert to split the point on the other flute.

All drill bits cost money to replace. Dull and burnt bits lose productivity, put extra wear and tear on tools and increase operator fatigue, all costing time and money. The first time, and every time you resharpen a drill bit with a Drill Doctor™, you’re saving money and producing better work results. With high quality HSS and TiN coated bits averaging over $3 for something in the 1/4″ ~ 5/16″ range it wouldn’t take long to pay for even the Professional model.

For almost 40 years, Darex® has been helping industry, trade professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts stay sharp and as a result grown to be the World’s best-selling industrial drill sharpeners as well as a full range of commercial and consumer sharpening products under the brands Darex® Industrial Sharpeners, Drill Doctor™ Professional and Home Shop Drill and Spade Bit Sharpeners and the Work Sharp™ line of tool sharpeners.

With its compact size and variety of models, Darex has created the convenience of properly, precision-sharpened bits whenever you need them, at a price that’s affordable for any size shop. All Drill Doctor™ units are warranted against defects for 1 year, operate on standard 120 volt power and are UL/C approved for use in Canada.

To visit the factory website or to see all the Darex™ sharpening products you can follow this link