Dry-walling can be pretty straightforward; most of  the trouble lies in cutting holes for outlets and more.  Sure, outlets might be second nature to some professionals but what happens when you have four outlets on a single sheet of drywall?  That’s about 15–30 minutes’ worth of work trying to measure and match up exactly where each outlet lands – and this is not mentioning the time wasted when you place it and one of the outlets is an inch out of alignment.  Even the most artisan professional can mess that up.

Ready for the next tool that has everyone here at KMS tools talking?  The VAZIT TOOL is simple and easy for anyone to use and offers a game changing design that makes both the professional and do-it-yourselfer job “a-‘hole’-lot” easier.

The VAZIT TOOL is a protective insert for an outlet that centers the cutout on a sheet of drywall.  It works like a spike that just pokes through the sheet when you have it exactly where you want it, the spike is at the middle, and allows you cut around the template as described below.

Simply use a rotary tool with a drywall bit to make a cut around the outlet with the VAZIT TOOL as a guide.  This will pilot you accurately around the outlet.  The VAZIT also works as a protective case for the wires inside of the electrical box to stop the them frombeing damaged (be sure there are NO LIVE electrical wires in the outlet boxes before inserting the VAZIT TOOL).   This tool doesn’t just save time but allows for more accuracy and which at the end of the day not only saves but more importantly saves you money.  It is easy to use  whether you’re a Pro or a Do-it-yourselfer .  The VAZIT TOOL is a must-have-tool for any tool arsenal.