Milwaukee Fuel Series – Part 2: Red-Link Plus Intelligence

The Milwaukee Fuel series is finally here.  With all the hype around unparalleled performance and revolutionary design, Milwaukee Fuel has yet to disappoint.

The second central feature of the new Fuel series (the first was already discussed in Part 1) is the “Red-Link Plus Intelligence system”.  This is an on-board electronic system exclusive to Milwaukee – built into each drill to optimize performance and decrease overheating of motor and batteries.  This revolutionary Red-Link Plus Intelligence system is made to give a ‘full-cycle’ communication between the battery, charger, and motor.   This system will optimize performance by constantly monitoring the internal workings of the drill.  With the advanced technology in Red Lithium batteries, the new Fuel series drill is made to give optimal motor performance while under load.

One of the biggest enemies to a motor is heat.  As a motor’s RPM decreases under heavy load, heat builds up from lack of heat dispersion by the fan.  This “quadratic equation” of heat build up will eventually melt the windings and wiring, scorch the commutator and eventually cause the motor to fail.  Milwaukee is prepared to battle overheating with their new intelligence system designed to preemptively protect the drill and battery once signs of overheating are detected.  On top of that, with all the parts working together in unison, the Red-Link technology increases efficiency and power to offer best-in-class performance.

In a nutshell, here are some of the advantages to using the exclusive Milwaukee Red-Link Plus Intelligence:

  • Better fail-safes between tool, battery and charger
  • More efficient overall for longer run-time
  • Protection against overheating
  • Longer lifespan of tool