AFS Flexible Sanding Block: A sanding block for perfect fenders!

The AFS Flexible Sanding Block is an awesome new product to hit the auto body industry. At first glance these auto body blocks look at little different than most automotive sanding blocks. Each “block” contains three ridged rods that slide in and out of the the foam handle, with a metal underbelly PSA sanding paper. By adding or removing the flex rods in different configurations the user can change the “pressure to flex-ratio” to fit most curvatures; giving the auto body professional a variety of rigidities in only a single block! This design provides “even-contact” for sanding high-crowned fenders and body work, preventing flat spots.

What’s more? The base-plates are made from tempered spring steel and recessed into the foam to prevent the metal edges from damaging any body work which gives the entire block the strength and flexibility to keep its shape. The AFS Sanding block makes the job easier by creating a curve to pick out lows that might not be seen in the lighting of a shop with only the naked eye.

And if you are in a real bind for even more flexibility, some of the auto body professionals out there might want to know it is possible to cut slits in the foam handle at every inch. This continues the rigidness by way of the rods, but gives a more flex in case a complex situation comes up. We at KMS tools have no doubt the AFS Flexible Sanding Block will be a great addition for anyone in the auto body industry that wants to get the most out of their sanding blocks.

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