The Prazi Beam Cutter

At KMS Tools we are always pretty excited to get our hands on a tool that makes almost everyone say “that’s pretty cool” when they first see it. That’s why it was great to have the Prazi Beam Cutter hit our shelves! It is an amazing product for cutting large stock with your circular saw that even some of you Pro’s and tool nuts might not have seen yet.

The Prazi Beam Cutter is perfect for either the professional needing to accurately cut beams regularly or a weekend warrior who is just sick of two separate pass-cuts in order to get the job done.

This is in a league of its own. The clever folks at Prazi have engineered an attachment to quickly and easily covert virtually any circular saw into a lean, mean, beam-cutting-machine. Meaning, the Prazi Beam Cutter turns your existing 7 ¼”, 15 Amp circular saw into a tool that cuts up to 12” beams, extending the depth of cut by 500 percent!

Installation of the Prazi was quick and painless. In less than 120 seconds, my Maktia 5007MGA, has Prazi installed and ready to go! The Prazi attachment was specially designed to be installed with ease (even for someone who doesn’t use it every day!) Secure the Prazi Cutter to the arbor with a supplied bolt and just one other bolt on the saw’s guard, and then you are ready to go. Now you have the precision of circular saw with one pass-cut for beams, posts, and logs!

Keep in mind the Prazi Beam Cutter is designed to perform a chainsaw cut, so you might not want to use it for anything requiring a flawless finish. Although it’s perfect for projects requiring cuts on beams, timber, posts, and logs.

At the end of the day, the Prazi will increase your productivity and save you a big headache trying to cut a beam on the jobsite any other way. What if you have a worm drive saw? That’s no problem. There are two different models: the 2700, designed for a sidewinder, and the 4000, designed for a worm drive.

Because the Prazi bypasses most safe-guards built into the circular saw, care should always be taken during use and handling. Due to the chain-saw design, it takes a couple of minutes to get use to the feel and operation. The Prazi is a great tool for anyone concerned about efficiency and productivity. At the everyday price of under $250 it will certainly save you time (and money!).

Here is quick list of some of the features:

  • Rip lumber up to 12″ thick
  • Cut angles up to 45 degrees
  • Make One Pass cuts for beams, posts & logs for perfect matchups
  • Cut rafter pitch cutouts, miters, stringers, arches, log cuts, compound angles, band-saw cuts, notched 6×12, panels and more…
  • Eliminate ugly over cut notches
  • Cut perfect splices with square cuts
  • Cut multiple stair jacks, rafters in One Pass
  • Cut cleanly through railroad ties

Buy the Prazi Beam cutters here