Replacing Cab Supports and Rocker Panels on a 1960-66 GM Pickup

1960-66 Chevy and GMC pickups are prone to rust along the rocker panels, lower doors, cab supports and floor pan. If you have an unrestored pickup of this vintage, take a peek underneath. You’re likely to find some unsightly rust.

But this rust is more than just an eyesore—rotting metal can make the cab structurally unsound. The area directly below the footwell contains the front cab supports, which keep the cab safely mounted to the frame. These supports actually carry 80 percent of the cab and nose weight, and to support this weight, the supports need to be securely tied in to the door post, inner rocker/floor pan and cab floor support. As the supports rot, their structural strength is reduced, putting stress on the solid steering shaft. This can create steering problems and even lead to steering shaft failure. The rear cab floor supports and cab floor supports do not support as much weight, yet they are still important to the safety of your truck and may also need to be replaced.

The truck on the left suffers from rust and corrosion. The truck on the right has been restored with new cab supports, rocker panels and floor pans
Replacing rusted metal on your truck’s cab is key to the structural integrity of the whole vehicle

Before you start cutting metal, check your cab carefully and visit to find replacement panels as well as everything else you need for your 1960-66 Chevy/GMC pickup. Do it yourself and drive with confidence on a solid truck foundation.

  • Front Cab Floor Support
  • rear cab support brace
  • cab floor (center) support brace
  • floor pan - left (drivers side) or right (passenger side)
  • outer floor/inner rocker panels
  • outter rocker panel
  • outer rear cab corner
  • cab mount kit

Replacing Front and Rear Cab Supports:

You can replace the front or rear cab supports without pulling the cab. Start by jacking up the weight of the cab to reposition it to its correct place. Then cut out the old metal before placing and welding in the new pieces, and moving on to the next side.

Replacing the Floor Pan, Inner/Outer Rocker Panels and Cab Corners

If you need to replace your outer rocker panels or cab corners make sure to buy the new panels first. For safety and to eliminate fire hazards, carefully remove or properly cover the fuel tank and fuel lines prior to cutting or welding.

You’ll also want to take precise reference measurements and make accurate marks. Remember to cut short and then carefully trim away extra metal—patch panels won’t stretch to cover sloppy cutting. To help you do the job right, KMS Tools has a huge selection of welders, plasma cutters, zip cutters, nibblers, shears and snips as well as a variety of clamps and magnets to correctly position your new panels.

Make sure the door fits nicely, with consistent, clean gaps. One trick is to measure from the top of the door opening to the rockers prior to removing the originals. After you tack the new pieces in place, verify the fit by reinstalling the door.


Head over to or call 1 800 567 8979 to order all the parts and tools you need.

Here are the parts you’ll need to replace these panels:

Front Cab Floor Support
(complete replacement, not slip-on)
Left/Right: 1COU-605002

Cab Floor Support Brace
Left: 1COU-60706008L
Right: 1COU-60706008R

Rear Cab Floor Support
Left: 1COU-605003L
Right: 1COU-605003R

Floor Pan
Left: 1COU-6046060L
Right: 1COU-6046060R

Outer Floor/Inner Rocker Panel
Left: 1COU-60706005L
Right: 1COU-60706005R

Outer Rocker Panel
Left: 1COU-60706000L
Right: 1COU-60706000R

Inner Rocker Panel Backing Plate
Left/Right: 1COU-67706500L/

Rear Cab Corners
Left: 1COU-60707000L
Right: 1COU-60707000R

New Cab Mount Kit

1960-66 Chevy/GM Pickup

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