DeWalt Tool Connect

DeWalt’s Tool Connect uses Bluetooth technology to track, control and assess batteries on the jobsite. It’s another innovation that exemplifies how manufacturers are integrating wireless technology into their cordless tools.

DeWalt Tool Connect battery and app
Tool Connect delivers battery diagnostics to your smartphone. The app also lets you track and disable batteries you’ve loaned out.

How does Tool Connect work?

The system pairs Bluetooth-enabled batteries with your smartphone or tablet via the Tool Connect app. The app provides alerts and real-time diagnostic info, like charge status and temperature, and allows you to track and disable batteries that you’ve loaned out.

DeWalt’s Tool Connect should make life easier for professional crews or individual contractors using multiple cordless tools on a jobsite. The app lets you label, organize and identify multiple batteries as well as establish a “virtual fence” within the range of your connected device. If a battery you’ve loaned out grows legs and hops your virtual fence or isn’t returned within a set time, the app can alert you or even disable the battery. You can also identify your batteries by activating their built-in LEDs, which flash blue at your command.

By notifying you when your batteries need charging and whether they are too hot or too cold to properly charge, the Tool Connect app delivers valuable, time-saving information directly to your smartphone or tablet. 

Tool Connect batteries are now available at KMS and you can find the app at the App Store and Google Play.

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