Magnum Industrial Table Saws

Two new Magnum Industrial table saws have arrived at KMS Tools!


3 HP 10″ Table Saw

MI-51250 $1,999.95*

The Magnum Industrial 51-250 cabinet saw is ideal for light to medium-duty shops, especially those that require a full 50” rip capacity. It has a precision ground table, durable cast-iron trunnions and a powerful 3 HP motor. It also features a self-aligning T-fence and an internal dust collection port near the blade, which can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your in-shop dust collection system. At $1,999.95, the 51-250 provides solid value to cabinet shops, schools, production facilities or serious hobbyists who need a table saw that can deliver accuracy and hold up to the demands of daily use.

3 HP 10″ Heavy-Duty Cabinet Saw

MI-51350 $2,799.99*

The Magnum Industrial 51-350 is as tough as it is accurate. It delivers precision for detailed joinery and power for heavy ripping. So it’s ideal for professional production shops that need the durability and performance of a heavy-duty saw. This saw features a rugged arbour assembly and heavy-duty cast-iron trunnions that are mounted to the cabinet for extra stability and long-term accuracy. While the standard 3-HP motor cranks out 4,300 RPM, you can order an optional 5-HP motor for extra power. The 51-350 comes equipped with a multi-feature fence and an internal dust collection port near the blade.

Both new table saws are fully compatible with the optional Magnum Industrial boom-style overarm blade cover (MI-52100). Plus, the overarm blade cover connects to your shop dust collection system to make dust control even more efficient. You can learn more about the blade cover in this post from last month.

*prices in effect November 1–30, 2016

4 thoughts on “Magnum Industrial Table Saws

  1. What kind of warranty is available for the MI-51350? Where online can it be found, if you wouldn’t mind letting me know. I’m very impressed by the looks of this saw.


    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for reaching out with your questions. The MI-51350 is available online through and it comes with a five year warranty. During March the MI-51350 is on sale for $2499.95.


    2. This is a good deal, it’s the same saw as the Jet Deluxe Xacta Saw and General International 50-270K M1, so there are lots of parts available.


  2. I bought the Magnum MI-51350 heavy duty 3 HP cabinet table saw about 4 weeks ago and I love it. After fine-tuning and adjusting it (like any other top quality table saw), it’s deadly accurate, has excellent power, sturdy design, awesome massive trunnions and is smooth cutting with no vibration.

    I needed to upgrade from my old Delta hybrid to a full-size cabinet saw, and after many hours of researching table saws online, I had it settled in my mind to buy either a Stallion 3HP cabinet saw from another woodworking machinery distributor, or possibly a King or Magnum from KMS in Abbotsford.

    Unfortunately there was very little information I could find online about this (or other) Magnum brand machinery, and no customer reviews on this saw yet, so I decided to go in person to have a look at it. I had already looked at the Stallion up close and now looked at both Magnum 3 HP table saws (51250 and the 51350), as well as the King and Sawstop saws (wouldn’t we all love to be able to afford the big Sawstop cabinet saw!). Upon closer inspection of the MI-51350, I realized how beautiful this saw is, and the sale price of $2499 certainly got my attention. Everything about this saw impressed me.

    Having never heard anything good or bad about this brand, and with no reviews to be found anywhere online, I was hesitant, to be honest, but I made the decision to buy the Magnum upon learning about the fantastic, 5 year parts and service–on-site–warranty.

    This saw had everything I was looking for: sturdy, industrial design, a 3 HP heavy duty motor, tons of excellent features, and an unbeatable warranty. All for an unbeatable price….SOLD!

    That was about a month ago, and now that I have had this saw in use in my shop almost every day since, I honestly could not be happier! Apart from the smooth, powerful heavy duty 3 HP induction motor (this saw can also be ordered with an even more powerful 5 HP motor), it’s large, beautifully machined cast iron top, and the massive, smooth-adjusting cast iron trunnions, it has many other outstanding features that, all together, put this saw well above the saws I was considering.

    First, the included heavy duty “T-square” style, fully adjustable rip fence slides so smoothly once installed and adjusted you’d think it floats on bearings. But beyond that, this 50″ capacity (I believe a 30″ capacity fence is available as well) fence uses a unique and versatile, removable and reversible anodized, extruded aluminum fence face (using a very slick, tool-less interior cam-lock system which makes changing fence-face position effortless). It’s a brilliant system reminiscent of the
    Delta Unifence, but with the large 3″ wide x 35″ long square tubing “Biesmeyer-style” construction, it’s a match made in heaven. An added bonus feature is the integrated push-stick storage “dock” up top for quick access in mid-cut. After a couple decades of using the familiar “T-square” style rip fences on my table saws in the past, I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this slightly modified design–but 4 weeks later I absolutely love it.

    Second, gone are the days of needing a wrench to remove the splitter when not making a through-cut, because this saw uses an awesome, tool-less quick release cam-lock system for the included riving knife (intelligently designed for use with thin kerf blades as well) which of course raises and lowers with blade height adjustment. Add to that the additional splitter/guard assembly with anti-kickback pawls also features quick-release pawls and clear guard cover, and the guard cover sides swing independently of each other for full coverage even at a full 45 degree bevel, improving safety and dust collection.

    Speaking of dust collection, the next thing worth mentioning is the well-designed, interior blade shroud, connected to the 4″ rear dust port with high-quality 4″ transparent flexible tubing, which makes dust extraction very efficient and effective.

    A few other impressive features that I really appreciate include the large, chrome plated cast iron height/bevel adjustment hand-wheels and knurled lock knobs; the push-arbor lock for single wrench blade changes with the large blade insert access for easier blade changes; the heavy duty magnetic power switch; the solidly-built steel side-access cabinet door (not flimsy plastic) with a great spring-loaded latch that closes tightly and eliminates any potential vibration noise; the well built, very flat side extension table and two sturdy steel legs with adjustable feet that’s included; and that it even included a factory “Inspection Record” showing quality control test results of arbor flange run-out, mitre slot-to-blade parallelism (which I did have to adjust to perfect it a bit more, though it was an extremely simple adjustment to make), and blade height.

    Now that I’ve described all the features I love about this saw, so far only a few things (mildly) disappoint me:

    First, a saw of this caliber deserves a nicer, heavier duty mitre gauge. Not that the included mitre gauge is of poor quality. It’s cast iron and well marked head is of sturdy design and well-made, but the T-slot slop adjustment on the bar is not the greatest. But no big deal, KMS sells a better aftermarket mitre gauge for just over $100, which is something I do intend to buy in the future.

    Second, some of the other brands use a brush-like material in the front semi-circular opening (the opening that the height adjustment worm-gear shaft moves through when adjusting blade bevel) in order to further improve dust collection, and that would be a nice touch on a saw this well-designed.

    Third, the bevel scale and pointer are probably the only truly disappointing feature on the saw. It is permanently riveted to
    the cabinet which makes it impossible to adjust, and the pointer is in a poor position under the hand wheel, making it difficult to read without crouching down. I intend to seek out an aftermarket upgrade for this.

    My final thought is that it would be nice to have the option of buying another aluminum fence face and lever for the opposite side of the fence (“stop profile” part #46, and “knob” part #47 in the fence manual) as some jig designs sort of ride “saddle” over the table saw fence. As far as I know these are not stock items at KMS and would need to be special ordered from the factory.

    And maybe I’d also mention that the manual and assembly instructions booklets for the saw and fence could be improved, though it was clear enough. (If Magnum wants a true “fan” of this saw to design and write a better one, I’d be happy to negotiate me doing it). 😉

    All that said, this is without a doubt the most fantastic deal out there for a spectacular, high quality cabinet saw that will not disappoint. I’m happy to report that he Magnum MI-51350 is a very viable competitor to any industrial cabinet saw out there, totally on-par with the quality I’d expect from General (Canada) in the good ol’ days, or the US-made Delta Unisaw, approaching even the greatness of the quality of the latest Sawstop cabinet saw–but less than half the price and with an unbeatable 5 year, on-site, parts and service warranty! Well done Magnum, and a big “welcome” to this new brand of woodworking machinery. I love my new table saw, and I look forward to seeing the Magnum line of woodworking machinery grow.


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