Metal Band Saws by Magnum Industrial

KMS Tools stocks the full line of Magnum Industrial metal band saws. From the 6″ mobile saw that cuts in both horizontal and vertical positions to the 9″ x 16″ heavy-duty saw that can handle the toughest professional jobs, Magnum Industrial has a saw for every workshop.

Magnum Industrial: The Metal Shop Standard

In classrooms and shops across Canada, thousands of Magnum Industrial saws are being put to work. These saws are CSA approved for use in schools and are backed by Magnum Industrial’s 5-year warranty.

Keep reading to learn more about Magnum Industrial metal band saws or visit to find the latest prices on metal band saws and other metalworking tools.

MI-93100 6″ Metal Band Saw: Mobile and Versatile

Built with mechanics, fabricators and farmers in mind, and anyone else that requires a reliable saw for medium-duty applications, the Magnum Industrial 6″ Metal Band Saw is highly mobile. It’s also compact enough to tuck away in the corner of your shop. This saw cuts in both horizontal and vertical positions. With that versatility, you can take on a range of medium-sized metalworking projects with confidence.

The MI-93100 features three cutting speeds, so you can cut soft, non-ferrous metals, like aluminum, copper and brass, as well as harder metals, such as stainless and tool steel. Moreover, it can handle pipe and round stock up to 4-1/2″ in diameter and bar stock or angle iron up to 4″ x 5-7/8″.

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MI-93200 7″ x 12″ Metal Band Saw: Setting the Standard

metal band saws-magnum industrial MI-93200

Designed and built to handle everyday metal cutting jobs with accuracy and reliability, the Magnum Industrial MI-93200 7″ x 12″ Metal-Cutting Band Saw is a cinch to operate and maintain. Its heavy-duty cast frame serves as a stable cutting platform in tough work environments, and it can perform vertical scroll cuts thanks to its locking head and auxiliary table. This saw also offers four cutting speeds and comes equipped with all the essentials: a built-in coolant pump, tank and recovery tray; heavy-duty wheels; and adjustable blade tension and guide bearings.

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MI-93300 7″ x 12″ Metal Band Saw: Quick-Change Artist

metal band saws-magnum industrial MI-93300

Like the MI-93200, the MI-93300 7″ x 12″ Metal-Cutting Band Saw offers precision, reliability, cutting performance and essential features. It also has an upgraded quick-change three-speed gear drive, making speed changes faster and easier.

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MI-93350 7″ x 12″ Metal Band Saw with Swivel Head

metal band saws-magnum industrial MI-93350

A compact band saw with big capacity, the MI-93350 7″ x 12″ Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Swivel Head provides the same performance as the MI-93300 with added versatility. This metal band saw makes it easier to cut angles in long pieces with its convenient swivel head. Instead of pivoting the workpiece, you can pivot the saw head. This makes cutting angles safer and more accurate. In addition, the MI-93350 features a three-speed quick-change gear drive and includes all the essential features of Magnum Industrial’s other 7″ x 12″ metal band saws.

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MI-92100 Electronic Variable Speed Vertical Metal Band Saw

metal band saws-magnum industrial MI-92100

Designed primarily for ferrous and non-ferrous metal cutting, the MI-92100 band saw is also capable of cutting wood and plastic. It’s Magnum Industrial’s “all-terrain” vertical band saw.

This versatility makes it ideal for a professional handyperson, busy maintenance shop or any serious home workshop. From plastic to wood to ferrous and non-ferrous metal, the MI-92100 cuts it all. What’s more, it’s equipped with a digital inverter that provides electronic variable speed control and can deliver full torque at slow speeds for clean cutting on a range of materials.

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MI-93400 9″ x 16″ Metal Band Saw: Big Capacity and Rugged Build

metal band saws-magnum industrial MI-93400

Magnum Industrial’s MI-93400 9″ x 16″ Metal-Cutting Band Saw delivers on the most demanding jobs with its large cutting capacity and heavy-duty design. This saw is built to cut pipe or solid steel. Its heavy cast frame and base provide a stable cutting platform. Additional features include built-in coolant pump, tank and recovery tray; heavy-duty wheels; and adjustable blade tension and guide bearings.

Shop MI-93400 now!

To complement these outstanding saws, Magnum Industrial is continuing to expand the lineup and develop new models. Stay tuned to learn more once details are available.

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