Magnum Industrial AC DC TIG Welder Features Fingertip Torch, More Control

Looking for a new TIG welder? Stop by your nearest KMS Tools location and check out the Magnum Industrial WAVE200KD. This highly portable 200 amp power source delivers excellent performance on a variety of AC and DC TIG welding applications: aluminum, magnesium, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, steel and more.

Shop the new Magnum Industrial WAVE200KD TIG welder today! Or keep reading to learn more about its features.

New Torch Delivers More Control

Along with an improved ground clamp, this model includes a new fingertip control torch, standard. With the new torch, you can fine-tune amperage while you weld. This eliminates the need for an optional foot pedal. It also makes this welder more portable, so you can work in the friendly confines of your shop or step away from the bench and bring the MI WAVE200KD along for the ride.

Capable of welding materials from 0.030″ to 3/16″ thick, the Magnum Industrial WAVE200KD is equipped with a digital display. It shows real-time information about voltage and current, and allows you to make quick adjustments, switch modes, fine-tune pulse width and frequency, and more.

In addition, the WAVE200KD features pulse mode, AC balance control, and high frequency and lift start modes.

Performance, Versatility, Value

As a dedicated TIG welder, the Magnum Industrial WAVE200KD has a lot to offer: 200 amps of power, AC/DC versatility, fingertip control, and incredible value. It’s ideal for serious welders who need a reliable TIG welding power source that’s portable and easy to setup.

Visit today for the latest prices on this welding machine and many others—plus all the welding supplies you need.

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