Oscillating Tools: Why You Need One

What’s an Oscillating Tool?

Basically, an oscillating tool is the jackknife of power tools. Oscillating tools can handle a ton of tasks—cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding, sawing—and deliver clean results in tight quarters. Oscillating tools are popular with carpenters, contractors, tradespeople, flooring and cabinet installers, and serious hobbyists. Regardless of the job, professionals love these tools.

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Why you need to upgrade to the new Makita LS1016L

Designing and building motors since 1915, Makita is still one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. After the fall of the radial arm saw in the 1990s, their compound mitre saw started growing enormously in popularity. The LS1016 (the 10-inch version, hence the “10”) and the LS1216 (the 12-inch) are the newest models in Makita’s lineup of mitre saws. The old LS1013 and LS1214 were workhorses that lasted longer than most people hoped. So when the new model came out, almost everyone had large expectations.

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2011 KMS Tools Woodshow is in Full Swing

Come on by our Coquitlam location today and tomorrow (Oct 14 & 15) 8am to 6pm to see what’s going on.

  • Free KMS safety glasses to the first 100 people each day
  • Free Admission
  • Free Parking
  • Free Popcorn, smokies & pop (donation will be taken to help building projects in Costa Rica)
  • Tons of Live Seminars  and Demonstrations every hour on the hour
  • Enter to win a General Dream Shop Giveaway
  • Enter to win a King Industrial Band Saw
  • Tons of factory reps on hand
  • Pacific Woodworkers Guild project showcase

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Victoria is Hosting Makita Demo Days on September 24th!

Are you in need of replacing that old drill with the batteries that no longer last more than 20 minutes before having to recharge? Maybe you have an old miter saw that you cannot cut a straight line anymore and you simply need to replace it. Are you tired of using that old router that keeps tripping your breaker?

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Festool – New to KMS Tools

Over the last couple weeks, there has been a huge buzz around KMS tools about our new line of woodworking related power tools.  Festool is a German made high-end professional tool manufacturer centered around woodworking.  The idea behind Festool’s “Faster, Easier, Smarter” slogan is selling you into a family, not just a tool.  Festool sports an industry leading 1+2 Year Warranty (first year they pay for all of the shipping, the following two, you pay for one way).  The Festool family revolves around four key pillars most tool companies overlook: Dust extraction, Multifunction Tables, Guide Rails & Systainers.

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Bosch introduces new Cordless Drill Family

Today our Bosch rep came in with an armload of new Bosch 18V cordless tools packed into their L-Boxx Store Cases.  All of the new drills are much more compact than the last generation, as well as boasting industry leading specifications.

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Makita SH01 10.8V/12V 3-3/8″ Trim Saw

A couple weeks ago we finally got the new Makita 12V Li-Ion trim saw in. Makita has been around in the 10.8V/12V Li-Ion category for a while now but they seem to really be treading lightly with this line. For the rest of this article, I’ll be calling it 12V as Makita has now switched over to the 12V stickers like everyone else.

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Bosch GCM12SD Axial-Glide Miter Saw

Bosch’s new Axial-Glide miter saw (GCM12SD) is one of the most innovative products available in the tool industry. This is not the first miter saw designed around minimal rear clearance, but it is defiantly the first saw to completely remove the industry standard rail system. Hitachi does make a 12″ miter saw with a reversed rail system so instead of the rails being attached to the head, they are attached to the base which eliminates the need for room at the back of the saw for rail travel. Let’s also not forget Festool, who took a similar approach to Hitachi but then only made it available in a 10″ model. Bosch’s approach in creating a sealed bearing system has removed one of the major problem areas in a miter saw. Rails are prone to abrasive damage from particles as well as going out of alignment from day-to-day impact. The cast aluminum arm on this saw looks like it was fashioned out of a transformer’s arm. Not only does it have bulk on its side, it also has sealed bearings; no more rails to go out of alignment and no more rails that sound like nails on a chalkboard.

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