Welding Helmets: How to Choose One

A welding helmet is a crucial piece of personal protective equipment. It shields your eyes, face and neck from dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays. It also protects you from debris and hot slag. Yet the right welding helmet can do more than just protect you from these dangers. In some cases, the right helmet can help you weld better.

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Miller Diversion 165 Tig Welder (907005)

Jorge at KMS Tools shows a popular Miller TIG welder. “Hello, I’m Jorge with KMS Tools. Here I’ve got the Diversion 165 TIG Welder. This TIG welder is capable of doing 22 gauge up to 3/16″, in either steel or aluminum. It is a 230 volt input, as well as a 30 amp input for it. It’s a 165 amp output. It comes with fingertip control; there is an available foot control that can be added to it for an additional price. It comes with a 3/32 collet and tungsten; you can find other tungstens and collet sizes at KMS also. ”

Millermatic 180 Rundown


Jorge at KMS Tools shows the Millermatic 180 welder. “Hello, I’m Jorge with KMS Tools. Here I’ve got the Millermatic 180 by Miller; it is capable of doing up to 5/16″. It is packaged with a free roll of .030 and a regulator for it, if you want to use gas. It is capable of doing 5/16″ from 30 amp all the way up to 180 amp. The automatic setting is the easiest way to dial in your wire type and your wire thickness with your dial. The Millermatic 180 is capable of doing everything on a car: autobody, frame. It’ll do from 24 gauge all the way up to 5/16″. Should you need any thicker material, you just give it multiple passes. It is user friendly and quite compact. 230v is the input for it, and all you need is a 20 amp breaker for it, and you’re welding away.”