What you need to know when purchasing an oscillating tool

There are three certains in this world: Death, taxes and that fact that every tool guy worth his salt needs a multi-tool. Following in the wake of the Fein Multimaster, companies like Bosch, Dremel, King Canada, Ridgid, and Rockwell were quick to react to Fein’s patent on the oscillating tool wearing out. Some went corded, some cordless, some high-end and some bargain basement. They all have their place, but let’s take a look at the advantages of each one we offer.

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Multi-Tool (2426-22)

Milwaukee, the newest addition to the oscillating tool and has taken the cordless route, taking the lead from Bosch. Pairing their M12 system with a multi-tool is a great idea. If you’re lucky enough to get one with their new Red Lithium batteries, consider yourself ahead of the pack. Red Lithium means longer run time (up to 40%), and on a cordless oscillating tool, that’s big news. Their multi-tool is variable speed, 5,000 – 20,000 oscillations-per-minute, has a built-in fuel gauge, and weighs only 2.1lbs. The nice thing about this tool is that it comes equipped with an adapter so you can run Fein, Bosch or Dremel accessories on it.
Sidenote: Milwaukee has no plans for the near future to produce its own accessories which I find interesting considering Milwaukee is so big into accessories. I?d love to see their ICE hardened blade technology adapted to this system.

Bosch 12V Max Cordless Multi-X Cutting Tool (PS50-2A)

Being so similar is almost every feature as the Milwaukee 2426-22, I find myself out of words with this tool. 5,000-20,000 oscillations per minute, fuel gauge, and weighs 2.2lbs. Bosch does create a full line of quality accessories at a very competitive price and all of these accessories fit on the Milwaukee M12 Mult-Tool. This tool, like the Milwaukee, comes with an adapter to fit other brands blades & accessories. If you need a quality tool with matching accessories or if you love what Bosch is doing with some of their other 12V Max tools, like the metal shear (PS70-2A), the I-Driver (PS-102A) or how they’ve revamped their drills, drivers and impacts, be sure to check this tool out.

Bosch Corded Multi-X Cutting Tool (MX25EC-21)

Keep in mind, this tool is not available yet in Canada yet, we’ll give you a quick run-down regardless. Between it and the corded Fein Multimaster, this tool is spec’d at more power (2.5amps). This doesn’t actually mean it’s a better tool when accounting for the amount of mechanical friction in this type of power tool. Efficiency is very important with oscillating tools. We’ll just have to wait and see how it performs side by side with the Fein when it is finally shipped to us.

King Oscillating Multi-tool

This product has really hit a price point in the oscillating tool market. At $59.99 every day, this tool is really hard to pass up for the home owner. I’d recommend this product to the weekend warrior, as well as someone who wants to try this type of tool without having the huge investment of some of the higher-end models. Keep in mind, the downside to this tool is always going to be finding accessories and it’s probably not going to last nearly as long and able to be used as much as a Fein for example.

Fein Multimaster (FMM 250 & FMM 250 Q)

The major difference between the FMM 250 and FMM 250Q is the quick connect. Having a quick connect on this tool is what sets it apart from all the other oscillating tools out there. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing your blade change wrench and when you have to re-adjust the tool, it can be done in seconds instead of having to go back to your tool box because you forgot the wrench back there.

The tool itself is made in Germany, as well as all of the accessories. The build quality of this tool is top notch, which you can tell when you turn it on for the first time. There is no roughness like some of the other oscillating tools out there, which means that if you’re using this tool for 8 hours a day you are less likely to have sore wrists from harmonic vibration. Like most German made tools, they have very tight specifications during manufacturing. Paired with the huge breadth of accessories available by Fein, this tool and accessory system is the best available on the market. It’s not the cheapest though, tipping the scales at $249.99 for the Fein Multimaster Start Kit and $459.99 on the Fein Multimaster Top Plus Set. Below is a link to their catalogue so you have an idea of the capabilities of this tool.

Fein Multimaster Catalogue

Fein Supercut (FSC 2.0 & FSC 2.0Q)

The best way to explain this tool is to call it the Multimaster on steroids. Pushing the performance envelope at 3.3amps, it is the most powerful oscillating tool available. This tool is designed around specific industrial needs like the window or tile industry. Available in several kits, the Supercut Construction and Supercut Automotive are available in several different configurations for different applications, and with a price tag starting at $1099.99, this is really a specialty tool. This tool is also available in the standard Allen key connector or the same quick connect as the regular Multimaster.