Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Plumbing Tool Kit (2432-22)

The old saying, “time is money” rings true, especially in commercial plumbing.  If you could save yourself 10 seconds on every fitting in a three-hundred suite apartment building project with over 120,000 fittings, that would mean a savings of 333 hours of labour for every building which amounts to between $10,000 to $15,000 in wages.  Uponor, the creator of ProPEX has truly created a great product that saves a noticeable amount of money.

The lights dim, everybody stops talking, silence, you can hear a pin drop.  In walks Milwaukee Tools with their new ProPEX Expansion Tool, chaps, spurs, and six-shooters blazing.  No, this isn’t a Clint Eastwood movie, or even some cheesy old western, this is the plumbing industry being flipped on its head like a poker table right before the big gun fight.

No more manual tools, no more having to spin the pipe as you expand it so you don’t get ridges.  This is truly one of the most thought out power tools I’ve seen in a long time.  Milwaukee Tools put this tool through several iterations before landing on a small and compact tool that works on their 12V system.  This tool paired with their up-and-coming Red Lithium batteries is a plumber’s dream.

This tool will do from 3/8” to 1” pipe, has a auto-rotating head, LED light, two batteries and like all of Milwaukee M12 tools, has a built-in battery fuel gauge.

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