Milwaukee M18 FUEL: Available for Pre-Order!

The latest generation of Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless tools has arrived! Visit to pre-order now and you’ll receive a free T-shirt while supplies last. If you want to learn more about these exciting new tools, keep reading. Here’s a rundown of the recent additions to the M18 FUEL roster:

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Milwaukee Fuel Series – Part 1: What’s all this talk about brushless motors?

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be talking about some of the technology used in Milwaukee’s new Fuel line of cordless products.

Our first installment in this series is about their new brushless motors. If you haven’t already been over to Milwaukee’s new Fuel microsite, you should check it out. You can have a look at some of the new products that they have been developing. There is a lot of hype about how Milwaukee’s new Powerstate Brushless motors are lighter, more efficient and more powerful than anything in the industry and hopefully we can better explain what this is all about.

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Milwaukee M12 12V Heated Jackets (Red 2331, Camouflage 2332 & Black 2336) – Pre-Order Now

Milwaukee came around several months ago with one of their red 12V 2331 heated jackets, and to be honest, I was very surprised at the quality and impressive control and level of heat provided with this jacket.  Just recently Milwaukee released the same jacket in camouflage (2332) and black (2336).  I’ve been told that the black will only be released into the Canadian market and are limited as they will only be available until later this year.  All Jackets come in S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL.  We will be stocking the red and camouflage version in a tool only (no battery or charger), and all three in the kit version with one 12V M12 battery and 30-minute charger.

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Milwaukee’s New Red Lithium Batteries

Red Lithium is Milwaukee’s name for their new M12 (12V) Li-Ion batteries. Red Lithium means 40% longer run-time, 20% higher speed, 20% more torque, 50% more charge cycles per battery and much greater durability in cold weather.

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Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Plumbing Tool Kit (2432-22)

The old saying, “time is money” rings true, especially in commercial plumbing.  If you could save yourself 10 seconds on every fitting in a three-hundred suite apartment building project with over 120,000 fittings, that would mean a savings of 333 hours of labour for every building which amounts to between $10,000 to $15,000 in wages.  Uponor, the creator of ProPEX has truly created a great product that saves a noticeable amount of money.

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What you need to know when purchasing an oscillating tool

There are three certains in this world: Death, taxes and that fact that every tool guy worth his salt needs a multi-tool. Following in the wake of the Fein Multimaster, companies like Bosch, Dremel, King Canada, Ridgid, and Rockwell were quick to react to Fein’s patent on the oscillating tool wearing out. Some went corded, some cordless, some high-end and some bargain basement. They all have their place, but let’s take a look at the advantages of each one we offer.

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