Wera Kraftform 6pc Insulated Screwdriver Set

Ever been out in the field working on some broken down piece of…machinery when your trusty screwdriver slips and strips out a screw? Now, if you’re like me, you left your easy-outs in your tool box back at the shop or at home and now you’re stuck there creating all kinds of interesting word combination’s.

What if you could have avoided this in the first place? What if that screw didn’t strip?

Wera, a company out of Germany, focuses on the details of everything. Detail is what separates a run-of-the-mill tool from a truly exceptional tool. Below are some of the features of their Kraftform Safety Screwdriver:

  • Laser hardened screw tip-biting “slip-stop” tip prevents bit slippage;
  • Tested in a 10,000 Volt water bath for guaranteed electrical resistance;
  • Kraftform handle fits perfectly in your hand with various hardness zones to provide grip where needed as well as re-positioning with ease;
  • High contrast handle markings so you can easily identify the correct screwdriver.

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