WunderTool – Milwaukee Cordless Hackzall

Milwaukee Hackzall Cordless Recipro Saws

Definitely one of the coolest, most versatile tools that’s come about in a long time has to be the Milwaukee Hackzall. This somewhat bizarre hybrid of a jigsaw, a recipro saw and a power hacksaw, s versatile as it is unusual.

With a variable speed trigger delivering 0-3,000 strokes per minute and a 3/4″ stroke length, the Hackzall provides fast, controllable cutting in a wide range of materials and is designed to use all 4″ and 6″ standard recipro saw  blades in it’s no-tool Quik-Lok® blade system. From cardboard to copper pipe, plastic to plywood, the Hackzall provides lightweight, convenient, one handed cutting —even overhead!

Using specialized blades with its reciprocating action turns the Hackzall into a powerful 1 1/2″ or 3″ rigid scraper or, using the carbide impregnated blade, a labour-saving tool for removing both epoxy or cement grout.

A solid, non-pivoting foot provides 1 1/2″ X 3″ of surface area giving you great tool support and helping to reduce splintering while wood cutting and skidding on harder, smoother materials.

The Milwaukee Hackzall is available in both the M12 and M18 Li-Ion systems and either one makes a fine addition to any tool maniacs arsenal and is a serious contender for Most Convenient Tool in many trades. Certainly something you don’t want to live without once you’ve used one. At 11″ and 13″ long, respectively, they’re compact size makes them great for those tight spots. To let you see what you’re doing in those tight spots, Milwaukee has included a powerful LED to light your way.

Surprisingly inexpensive given their multi-duty function, the Hackzall is available as tool only, or in its own single tool kit form and with other, multiple tools sets.

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