Vibration Control Finishing Sanders

Bosch ROS65VC Vibration Control Sanders

Holding a random orbital sander while you progress through various grades of sandpaper looking for that final finish can be tiresome work. The vibrations transmitted though the tool, into your hand, wrist and forearm can fatigue tendons and muscles and require the taking of more frequent breaks. Thanks to a cool new Bosch-exclusive suspension system isolating the handle from the tool body, vibration transfer to the user is minimized, enhancing handling, user comfort and improving productivity.

Available in either a 5″ X 8 hole (ROS65VC5) or 6″ X 6 hole (ROS65VC6) soft, microcellular hook and loop pad, these sanders provide two dust collection choices. The included Microfilter Dust Canister with integrated paper filter catches those fine particles the competitors miss while the screw-off cap makes clean-out a breeze. If you have a vacuum dust control system, use the vacuum hose connection with airflow control for a direct connection.

With a powerful 3.3 amp, 5500-21000 OPM variable speed motor and die-cast aluminum gear housing, the ROS65VC series random orbital sanders are ready for serious use. A removable front handle and multiple ergonomic soft-grip locations on the body provide user versatility and comfort. On the business end, a dual-bearing pad mount (another Bosch exclusive) and internal pad dampening system helps prevent swirl marks, provides for fast —or fine, controlled stock removal and smooth well-blended finishes.