Trend® Airshield Face Protection System

In the Face Shield World of vision protection, the emphasis has always been on deflecting particulate matter flying directly at you. While typical industry-standard face shields do a good job at that, often the fine particulate remains airborne, finding its way around the face shield or sometimes through its vents, causing dust and debris between your eyes and the shield.

The Original Trend® Airshield features a comfortably fitting, slim design with padded sweatband, rear comfort pad and a ratcheting headband adjustment. A flexible face seal, not typically found on face shields, keeps out dust and debris while a replaceable pre-filter and fine dust filter provide excellent protection from inhalation of harmful particulates. A rechargeable, 4 hour NiCad battery powers a built-in fan that provides a gentle, constant airflow over your face keeping any errant particles away from your eyes, keeps you cools and comfortable and prevents the shield from fogging. The crystal clear polycarbonate shield can be flipped up to provide an unobstructed view of the workpiece or for machine adjustments. In addition to replacement parts, there are also a number of accessories available for the Trend® Airshield system, including clear and tinted visor overlays to protect the visor from scratches and an 8 hour battery upgrade so you can use it all day long.

Although it is not a respirator in the true sense of the word, the Trend® Airshield is kind of in a class of its own. Providing superior respiratory protection to the typical dust mask, even the vented ones, and face and vision protection superior to glasses, goggles and traditional face shields, plus the added benefits of a built-in, air circulating fan, makes this hybrid perfect for plenty of jobs from agriculture to construction to home hobbyists.