Fein Angle Grinder – WSG14125T

With nothing else on the market able to touch their unique designs and longevity, the Fein WG 14 grinders are in a league of their own. Fein has obtained its brand loyalty through industrial innovation and durability.

So, how does this translate to their grinders? Well, the WS 14 line is arguably the safest on the planet. First, it has a four touch points called the TIP start. There are two touch points on each side, which work essentially as a dead-man’s switch. These touch points activate the soft-start motor – yes, I said soft start– by pressing either one in the front or the back and then the opposite; meaning the motor stops when you let go. This also allows for easy cutting positions without a lock-on switch. The bottom line is accidents involving losing one’s grip on the grinder will be a lot less dangerous with the WS 14.

Second, as I mentioned earlier, the soft start means that the grinder does not jump when you start it up. With an eleven-amp motor, this grinder has a lot of power, so a soft start makes it a lot easier to handle during startup. Third, the auto-stop slows the motor down within seconds when the switch is released. Fourth, the WS 14 has an electronic jam protection. Most brands that have a clutch, if they have one at all, are mechanical, so when the motor seizes up the clutch will start after the grinder is released from the material. However, with the Fein WSG 14 the electronic clutch stops the machine completely, allowing the operator to look at the wheel to make sure there are not any cracks which occurred during operation.

This grinder is not only safe; it is powerful and built to last. The next significant difference between this grinder and other leading angle grinders on the market is its copper armature. Fein uses considerably more copper in the armature, resulting in more power and a longer lasting motor.


With the unique ergonomically designed handle for fatigue-free work, self-supporting motor design for a low-vibration machine even without the anti-vibration handle, dust proof ball bearings, and sealed touch points, this grinder will outperform and outlast almost any other grinder on the market. Mix that with the built-in safety features, the thirteen-foot cord, and Fein’s three-year warranty, and there is no reason not to try this grinder today.

With the Makita GA5020C being the leading competitor to Fein, let’s see how they stack up against each other side by side.

Makita GA5020C Fein WSG14125T
Motor Size 12.5 AMPS 11 AMPS
No Load Speed 10,000 RPM 10,000 AMPS
Soft Start Yes Yes
Auto Stop No Yes
Integrated guard No Yes
Weight 6.4lbs 5.3lbs
Cable Length 8.5ft 13ft
Start mechanism Trigger Tip start
Consistent speed control Yes Yes
Removable side handle Yes Yes