DeWalt D24000

When the DeWalt D24000 came out, it made tile users everywhere switch their brand of saw and try out the new DeWalt—often characterized as one of the best wet saws under $5,000.  So what makes this tile saw an instant classic?

The D24000 has a cantilevering rail/cart system that moves back and forth and is optimized for a 24″ ripping capacity. With tiles getting bigger, having the ability to cut up to a 24” tile by using a portable saw is an enormous advantage to anyone wanting a professional-looking finish. For more complex tile setups, the rail system can do an 18″ tile diagonally. Combine that capacity with a plunge-cut capability for doing an electrical outlet for a backsplash, a shower drain, or a floor vent and you’ll see what makes the D24000 one of the most dexterous tile saws on the market.

The 69-pound system comes in two parts, so it is not so large that you need an entire crew to move the saw from a truck or up and down stairs. The two parts allow one person to take two trips without it being awkward: one trip with the tub and table stand, and another with the saw assembly. The fold-up design makes transport easier.

The saw has a direct drive motor, meaning that it has more power, without any gears to wear out. It has an integrated 45º/22.5º degree miter feature for quick angled cuts. It also can cut at any angle and the top of the sliding table has slits at the 45º and 22º degree angles without interference.  The mitre guide is reversible, giving a 45º degree cut on either side for 90º in total.  A powerful 1.5 HP 15 amp motor will cut hard materials such as porcelain and stone with ease, but also won’t blow any breakers.

The pump is a Little Giant 518200, which does 170 GPH at a one-foot rise, meaning that with the adjustable spray head the D24000 will do maximum dust capture with optimal cooling and little splash. The water-containment system works extremely well, due to the rubber apron on the backside of the blade, and it has back and side attachments that help the water run into the tub.

The rubber top to the table is designed as an anti-slip for any material that gets quite slick when wet.  It is a good feature that gives substance to the saw.  The table can also be put into a locked position, or completely removed easily

Overall, this saw has many advantages that make it easy for any user to do a professional job. The guys at DeWalt must have given this design a lot of thought because it is unmatched at its price point.


Amps 15.0Amps
Blade Diameter 10″
Max Rip Capacity 24″ Tile”
Diagonal Cut Capacity 18″ Tile”
Plunge Feature Yes
Max Depth of Cut 3-1/8″
Integrated 45° Miter Yes
Integrated 22.5° Miter Yes
Length 34″
Width, Housing Only 26″
Edge Guide 45/90°
Pan Material ABS Plastic
Stand Included in D24000S
Removable Water Containment Tray Yes
Position of Rail System Integrated
Horsepower 1.5 Continuous DutyHP
Tool Weight 69lbs