Fenner Drives V-Belt System

The V-belt has been around for a long time.  It has served its purpose and gave the industry a revolution in motor technology; however thankfully, nothing is permanent.   The next innovation is the Fenner Drives V-Belt.  The Fenner Drives system has a product range of three similar but unique products: The NuTLink V-Belts for classical section drives, the  Super TLink V-Belts for applications using metric wedge SP rated belts, and the Power Twist Plus for most belt drive motors.  This belt out performs in almost every way to the transitional V-Belts.

  • Longer belt life
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Reduced V-belt inventory
  • “Zero Downtime” maintenance
  • Simplified drive design
  • Reduced drive vibration
  • System noise reduction

The Fenner Drives V-belt Plus system is made from custom polyurethane elastomers reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric, known as High Performance Composite or HPC, to give a stronger belt with high customization.   One of the most obvious advantages that the Fenner Drives V-belt system has sectional links that connect together, each of these sections attach to make a uniquely strong chain.  This offers problem solving innovation for anyone who needs to have multiple v-belts on site.  To have a truck or shop room full of endless conventional wrapped rubber V-belts and metric SP wedge cross sections is, at the very least, inconvenient. Instead of carrying all the endless V-belt sizes you might need, with PowerTwist Plus you only need have your certain cross sections and you’ll have almost 100%, of what you need already on-site.   That is where it is advantageous to take a look at the customizable V-belt plus system.  Having the right belt on hand saves time and consequentially money.

Another advantage in the Fenner Drves is their performance; the Power Twist Plus system will outperform conventional rubber V-belts in almost all industrial environments, including exposure to oil, grease, water and most common industrial chemicals and solvents. Working in extreme temperature? No problem. They are also more resistant to extreme hot and cold, and will operate with high performance at a temperature range — from -40°C to 116°C.

Not enough? Well, the PowerTwist system does not need the continuous tension cords found in most V-belts. Meaning the transmitted vibration in the drive system can be reduced by more than 50%. Subsequently system noise is reducwithhold the bearing life is extended.

With all these advantages, why would anyone still be looking at a traditional v-belt for any belt drive motor?

One thought on “Fenner Drives V-Belt System

  1. It makes no sense at all – how could a belt made up of a bunch of links run more smoothly than a single piece belt! But it does, a lot. With the original belt it never even occurred to me to try the nickel test, there was just no way. Now that I’ve swapped for the link belt it was very noticeable right away, so I tried and the nickel now stands right through start up, running, and shutdown. Quite a difference!


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