Baileigh Industrial EW-40 English Wheel

Whether curving just a slight crown on a roof or rounding a reinforcement groove, the English Wheel has been a tool of choice by tradespeople for years.  There is no other machine out there with the flexibility to do compound curves and grooves in sheet metal quite like it.

Essentially the English Wheel works as a surface stretching machine, by pulling steel sheet metal through a set of wheels where they stretch and manipulate the shape. The wheels are designed to manually give a very smooth finish with not a lot of effort. With different wheel shapes and configurations the English Wheel has with countless profile combinations.

You might be thinking that manipulating the shape of sheet metal sounds a lot like what you can do with your Planishing Hammer, however, there are some major differences.  For instance, habitual use can make the English Wheel the tool choice over the Planishing Hammer, due to no pneumatic or electric parts.  There is very little to break down, possibly making the English Wheel the most reliable machine in your shop.

With Baileigh Industrials huge arsenal of metal shaping machines, it is no surprise they make a quality English Wheel.  The Baileigh Industrial English Wheel, EW-40, has a massive 37 3/4-throat depth and a real rubber kick tensioner right out of the box; there is no need to buy additions or add-ons, Baileigh Industrial has you covered.  Solid welds and quality steel make this machine designed to last.

In addition to the size and convenience, the EW-40 comes complete with nine bottom anvils and three 6″ upper wheels – including: 2 Flat rolls; 1 Step roll; 2 Round bead rolls – allowing the user to roll beads as well as form sheet metal.  With the EW-40 the user has the ability to rotate the head at a 90 degree,  meaning the user can either push the sheet metal into the throat or perpendicularly away from it.  This over-the-top-feature gives the user the ability to do massive projects if the need ever arises.

Overall, the Baileigh Industrial is a quality tool and a great addition to any shop.  The one negative point would be that the paint job from Baileigh is nothing to write home about.  Nevertheless, thats not why you’d buy this tool.

Here are some specs of the Baileigh Industrial EW-40:

  • 16-gauge mild steel capacity
  • Fully welded construction
  • 9 interchangeable hardened metal rolls
  • Sealed bearings in wheels
  • Cam quick release
  • Foot wheel tension adjustments
  • 37-3/4″ throat depth
  • 90 degree swivel head
  • Upper roll size: flat, 2-1/4″w x 6″ dia.
  • Includes tooling holder
  • Step and bead tooling included