Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit

Clouded headlights can result in reduced transfer of the light from your headlights to the road in front of you.  Several things can cause this, such as: oxidization, rock/sand pitting and more.  Chances are, if you own a mid to late 90’s vehicle, and even some millennium models, with plastic headlight lenses, right about now you could be dealing with clouded headlights.  This can mean, even if you have the hottest, whitest lights money can buy, you can be losing 30% -60% or more of light.

With lots of pricey options available for a headlight restoration kit, we have in our hands a Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit.  For under $30, with a simple Ball polisher (that is inserted into a drill chuck), Micro-fiber cloth and a bottle of Mothers formulated polish, you’re ready to start.

A dollop of Mothers headlight polish in the center of the polishing ball (much more and you get a little spatter of polish here and there; a lot more and it gets everywhere!) and you’re ready to begin.

Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit recommends starting and working a small area at a slower speed to lower the spray of the product, but I’m too impatient for that.  I worked a 8” x 8” space at a time, working left to right, back and forth as I moved from top to bottom (drill speed was at 300-500 RPM’s and faster when on final passes).  Luckily on this ‘ol 98 Subaru Outback, the pitting wasn’t too bad at all, therefore each lens took 15 minutes tops, meaning that in 30 minutes I had factory clear headlight lenses again.

This was achieved for only $27.95 instead of ordering new lenses, having to level and adjust both in a shop, discarding the old ones (which is wasteful!) I’m done in only 30 minutes!  For only 30 bucks!

Continued maintenance is easy, with the included large micro-fibre cloth, add dime sized amount of polish to the cloth and wipe then buff the lens.  This is recommended every week.  3 weeks from our original job, we are still seeing crystal clear lenses.

You can pick up a Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit here or see our full line of Mother’s products here