Milwaukee’s One-Key Adds Bluetooth Technology to Cordless Tools

With lithium ion batteries and brushless motors now widely available from many cordless tool manufacturers, this year we are seeing innovations that go beyond the realms of lighter, faster and more powerful. In 2016, cordless tools are getting smarter.

Milwaukee is leading the way with their One-Key enabled drills, hammer drills, impact drivers and impact wrenches. Essentially, One-Key tools are Bluetooth-equipped versions of Milwaukee’s top-of-the-line second generation M18 Fuel series. They connect wirelessly to your smartphone with the One-Key app, which lets you track and manage your tool inventory, compile usage reports, and fine-tune speed and torque settings for any One-Key enabled tool.

Milwaukee One-Key enabled drill and phone showing One-Key app
One-Key lets you fine-tune speed and torque settings, track and manage your tool inventory, and compile usage reports on your smartphone.

One-Key Features

Customize speed and torque settings

Each One-Key enabled tool can store up to four modes that you can program with your phone and select with the push of a button. Each mode can be a unique, user-customized setting for a specific job or a factory-defined preset tailored for a range of common applications, from installing self-tapping screws and concrete anchors to drilling with a hole-saw.

All the presets, including the default factory settings, are saved in the cloud for future use. Once you’ve defined the four modes, the tool saves them, so you can use the settings on the job without having to keep your smartphone connected. Ultimately, this added control applies torque and power with more precision and has the potential to deliver more run time, faster drilling and driving, longer tool and accessory life, and less damage to materials and fasteners.

Manage your tool inventory

Individual contractors and construction companies with large tool inventories will benefit from the tracking and management features built into the One-Key app. The app includes a customizable inventory system that shares information across platforms and organizes detailed records on all your tools, regardless of make. You can add receipts, track your spending and manage your tool budget. One-Key also lets you assign tools to a user or job, and can report on transfers, history and usage. The app is designed to provide a complete tool management system and allows you to upload your tool inventory from an existing spreadsheet.

Track and identify your tools

On the jobsite, the app tracks enabled tools within 100 feet. And when a tool leaves your phone’s range, the app will mark its last known location. The app can also identify your specific tool and alert you when it returns into range.

One-Key enabled impact drivers, impact wrenches and two-piece combo kits will be on our shelves by the beginning of April. The One-Key app is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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