Milwaukee QUIK-LOK Delivers Versatility and Clean Performance to Landscape Pros and Homeowners

Now available at KMS Tools locations and online at, Milwaukee QUIK-LOK features four essential landscaping tools—a string trimmer, pole saw, hedge trimmer and edger—that attach to a cordless power head. QUIK LOK offers a solid mix of versatility and performance, making it an intriguing option in the ever-growing world of cordless outdoor power equipment.

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL: Available for Pre-Order!

The latest generation of Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless tools has arrived! Visit to pre-order now and you’ll receive a free T-shirt while supplies last. If you want to learn more about these exciting new tools, keep reading. Here’s a rundown of the recent additions to the M18 FUEL roster:

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M18 Fuel Drywall Screw Gun and M18 Cut-Out Tool

After much anticipation, Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL cordless drywall screw guns and M18 cut-out tools are now available at KMS Tools! Check out our March 2017 flyer for fantastic prices on these and other Milwaukee M18 cordless tools.

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Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket

Look for the latest version of Milwaukee’s ever-popular heated jackets at a KMS Tools location near you. These jackets have built-in carbon fibre heating elements powered by a M12 lithium-ion battery. A one-touch controller allows you to choose from one of three heat settings and independently control the front hand pocket and chest and back heat zones.

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Milwaukee Cordless Finish Nailers

Milwaukee cordless finish nailers are here! KMS has inventory on 18 gauge brad nailers and 15 gauge angled finish nailers, available in kits or individually. These tools feature the same cordless technology found in Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL cordless series—including compact brushless motors and the brand’s proprietary electronics system and battery packs. According to Milwaukee’s press release, Milwaukee cordless finish nailers have enough power to seat nails sub-flush into hardwood without ramp-up time or gas cartridges.

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Milwaukee’s One-Key Adds Bluetooth Technology to Cordless Tools

With lithium ion batteries and brushless motors now widely available from many cordless tool manufacturers, this year we are seeing innovations that go beyond the realms of lighter, faster and more powerful. In 2016, cordless tools are getting smarter.

Milwaukee is leading the way with their One-Key enabled drills, hammer drills, impact drivers and impact wrenches. Essentially, One-Key tools are Bluetooth-equipped versions of Milwaukee’s top-of-the-line second generation M18 Fuel series. They connect wirelessly to your smartphone with the One-Key app, which lets you track and manage your tool inventory, compile usage reports, and fine-tune speed and torque settings for any One-Key enabled tool.

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Milwaukee Fuel Series – Part 1: What’s all this talk about brushless motors?

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be talking about some of the technology used in Milwaukee’s new Fuel line of cordless products.

Our first installment in this series is about their new brushless motors. If you haven’t already been over to Milwaukee’s new Fuel microsite, you should check it out. You can have a look at some of the new products that they have been developing. There is a lot of hype about how Milwaukee’s new Powerstate Brushless motors are lighter, more efficient and more powerful than anything in the industry and hopefully we can better explain what this is all about.

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