Introducing Magnum Industrial Drill Presses

KMS Tools and Equipment announces the arrival of Magnum Industrial drill presses, now available in four sizes: 14″ bench-top, 14″, 17″ and 22″.

What’s exciting about our Magnum Industrial drill press line?

Magnum Industrial tools are built to specifications outlined by our purchasers. We wanted to offer our customers a line of accurate, powerful and long-lasting drill presses that are affordable for a range of users—from hobbyists to professionals.

Magnum Industrial drill press


Each new Magnum Industrial drill press includes a laser drilling guide, chuck guard and an all-metal hood to protect the motor from dust and debris. The drill presses also feature

  • Built-in work light with separate on/off switch
  • Extra-long, 1/2″ diameter handles that allow for better feed control
  • Positive non-slip drill stop to control drilling depth
  • 12 spindle speeds
  • Precision bearings for accurate drilling and long life

The 14″ drill presses feature 1/2 HP motors and are available in both a bench-top and floor-standing version. These models can handle an array of wood, metal and plastic drilling applications, and are ideal for hobbyists or professionals who occasionally require a the power and accuracy of a drill press.

The 17″ model is equipped with a 3/4 HP industrial motor. It’s designed for light- to medium-duty applications in professional fabrication and production shops. It’s also perfect for a hobbyist who is looking for a well-built, powerful tool.

The 22″ Magnum Industrial drill press is our biggest and baddest. It has a 1 HP industrial motor and a super-low speed setting, 120 RPM, for drilling stainless and hardened steel.

Built at the same factories that produce the world’s top brands of woodworking machinery, Magnum Industrial tools are designed to deliver professional results over a long service life. Scroll through the slideshow below and check out the features and specs for each drill press model.

Magnum Industrial table saws, dust collectors, sanders and planers are coming soon!

  • Magnum Industrial 14" bench-top drill press
  • Magnum Industrial 14" drill press
  • Magnum Industrial 22" drill press
  • Magnum Industrial 17" drill press

4 thoughts on “Introducing Magnum Industrial Drill Presses

  1. Just bought and set up the 14″ floor model (76-100). It has no instructions for assembly or operation (not a concern for me but might be for others) and no warranty information. The belt release is not a good set up if you change drill speed often. I am not terribly impressed with it at this point but will give it a chance.


    1. Hello Oren,

      Thank you for buying a Magnum Industrial drill press, and thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns. We are currently preparing assembly instructions for the Magnum Industrial line and have just added instructions for the 76-100 and 76-150 to our website. It sounds like you’ve got a good handle on getting your drill press going, but if you need to reference the parts list or assembly instructions in the future, you can access them by clicking the Manual button on the product page. We also hope to have operation instructions available in the near future.

      All Magnum Industrial machinery carries a five year warranty, and parts and repairs are available through our in-house repair shop. You can reach them at
      I hope you enjoy your new drill press and please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


  2. Hi, Don’t know much about drilling press, never own one and looking to get my first one.Does this drill will drill to a 1” diameter holes on a 1/4”thick steel with not problems on pushing the drill to it’s limits and what is the price? Thanks


    1. Hi Art,

      Thanks for commenting. Magnum Industrial has a couple of drill presses with the capacity to drill 1″ holes in 1/4″-thick steel. Check out the MI-76450 22″ drill press or MI-76370 heavy-duty 17″ drill press. Both machines are built for regular use in demanding work environments. That said, always use cutting oil and a sharp bit—and don’t force the drill press. These units have powerful motors that are designed for professional applications.

      All the best!
      Your Friends in the Tool Business


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