Milwaukee Cordless Finish Nailers

Milwaukee cordless finish nailers are here! KMS has inventory on 18 gauge brad nailers and 15 gauge angled finish nailers, available in kits or individually. These tools feature the same cordless technology found in Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL cordless series—including compact brushless motors and the brand’s proprietary electronics system and battery packs. According to Milwaukee’s press release, Milwaukee cordless finish nailers have enough power to seat nails sub-flush into hardwood without ramp-up time or gas cartridges.

“While cordless nailers are not new to the industry, the options available in today’s market do not have the performance users require, and some often need additional components such as gas cartridges in order to function,” said Tyson Apfelbeck, product manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Unwilling to settle on sub-par performance, we continued to advance our technologies until we could provide a true productivity enhancement and innovative solution.”

Milwaukee Cordless Nailer

What Are the Benefits?

Milwaukee’s website says that the M18 FUEL 18 gauge brad nailer can fire up to 1,200 nails on one charge, and with no gas cartridges and a brushless motor, M18 FUEL cordless nailers will require very little maintenance—if any. Plus the cordless platform is compatible with your other Milwaukee tools.

Milwaukee is touting the nailers’ balanced and ergonomic design, and looking at images, you can see that FUEL nailers appear less bulky than other cordless finish nailers. At 6.3 lbs, the M18 FUEL cordless 15 gauge finish nailer is as light or lighter than other cordless finish nailers currently on the market. That’s just a couple of lbs heavier than its pneumatic counterparts. Weight is an important consideration for professional users, a group that Milwaukee hopes will be among those lining up to buy these shiny red nailers. Because these tools are balanced and accurate, the prospects of working hose-and-compressor free could offset the added weight of the cordless tool, especially considering the upgraded power and efficiency of these new nailers.

Be the first on your jobsite to have one! Choose between an 18 gauge cordless brad nailer (individual tool or combo kit) and a 15 gauge cordless angled finish nailer (individual tool or combo kit).

  • Milwaukee cordless finish nailers coming May 2016
  • Milwaukee cordless finish nailers coming May 2016

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