Portable Battery Chargers / Jump Starters

Ever been stuck with a dead battery? Pick up one of our Magnum portable battery chargers / jump starters and you’ll never have to worry about being stranded. These Magnum chargers / jump starters are small enough to stow in your glove box and powerful enough to jump-start many 12-volt automotive, marine and recreational batteries.

Compact, lightweight and utterly convenient, Magnum chargers / jump starters are available in 12,000 mAh, 16,800 mAh or 21,000 mAh versions. “They hold a charge for a long period of time,” says Lew, product expert at KMS Tools in Coquitlam. “You throw one in your glove box, your console or your trunk and you never have to worry.”

More than just Jump Starters

These ultra-portable chargers also come with a slew of adapters, so you can recharge mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other personal electronic devices—even if you are kilometres from the nearest electrical outlet. Plus, each kit comes with

  • a handy wallet-style case,
  • a built-in LED flashlight with three settings
  • onboard charge-status indicator and
  • adapters so you can recharge the battery at home or in your car while you drive.

“I’ve used mine to help two people out—one guy at a gas station and one guy in a parking lot,” says Lew. “It worked great. I had it sitting in my car for around four months. I checked the level of charge. It was still good.”

A Charger/Jump Starter for Every Vehicle

An ideal companion for your daily commute, the MAG-FQ80014 delivers 300 cold cranking amps, enough to start most passenger vehicles with four and six cylinder engines.

Providing 600 cold cranking amps, the MAG-CLB003 has the juice to jump-start a battery on a larger vehicle with a V8 engine.

The grandaddy of the group, the MAG-CLB016 produces 750 cold cranking amps. Lew says, “This one will start a diesel truck multiple times.”

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